Gems of Streaming


The main downside to me appearing, is that I’ll only be half appearing. In a weird twist of fate I’m wearing the same green T-shirt I was wearing on Halloween…


@Cyrup you better impress me with your new skills :slight_smile:


Lol are you sleeping at work? Ask them to buy you some clothes :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s not really a downside, that will let more place to the cute cyrup lol


Is it started? You guys are late


Any reason you use Twitch instead of YouTube? I really miss the ability to rewind live streams. I got used to that when watching Tacet.


When is the next Q&A?


Salty asked us to wait until she got back from her trip for the next Q&A, so about mid-december I believe.

We try to do 1 Dev Q&A a month. Next year we might try and see if we can set a regular schedule, but no promises.


Ummm, no offence to our well loved social media ninja, but we don’t require her presence for a dev Q&A.

@Ozball will suffice. He’s better at dev Q&A because he understands Unity and was a player previously.


Also can we have some clarity on the unique defence troops bug. Often it’s losing 500 points off your score for no reason. A few weeks ago I had 7500 for 24 unique troops and today I’ve lost 500 off my 9k gw score for no reason. Just browsing the gw screen with the bumper buttons on ps4 and you occasionally lose points.


I think that one is just a display bug, honestly. I see the same thing you do with the on-screen summary (that number seems to change almost randomly as you scroll left and right on the defense screen), but I always seem to get the right bonus number on my first battle of the day (2000 bonus if I have 4 unique troops or less if I am repeating troops that day).


I didn’t mate, I got 8997 or thereabouts for 5 flawless battles only losing one troop with pure colours. Maybe it added the correct score, who knows, but it needs sorting sooner rather than later imo.


I had the same issue today. Hope this is fixed with the upcoming update as every point matters in bracket 1.


9000 points for losing a troop is plausible. The only way to tell if full bonus is working is observing your score after your first match of the day. If battle goes well you should get approx 3250. You will certainly notice if score is only around 2750 for no reason.


Just to comment on this a bit. While I might understand Unity better than @Saltypatra , most of what I say when I answer questions is either public knowledge (ie has been said by another dev previously), or has been checked with Sirrian, Nimhain and Salty first. So while I could technically facilitate a Q&A, Salty is much better as it, as she has a more complete knowledge of what is planned for the game.

Also, and this isn’t as obvious from the outside, Salty actually does a lot of work behind the scenes to get the Dev Q&As to run, including (but not limited to) scheduling, question collation, and people herding. And these are areas in which she is far far superior to me in.

In short, I would be a poor substitute for Salty for these Dev Q&As, and we’re better off waiting for her return before resuming them.

Also, while there won’t be a Dev Q&A till about mid December… we will be showing off some of the new UI screens next Tuesday! :sushing_face:


Excuse me but she only read the question and sirrian and nim answer the question so even a chimpanzee can do it


I’m confused: will we get a Q&A this month or not?


Do you mean in order to view Streams retrospectively? I forgot to highlight Tuesday’s Stream, so I’ve done so now! You can view it here: Floating heads and Sultry Dryads


My bad on wording, I was thinking the last Dev Q&A was late October, not early November. I was referring to not having one in November, which as we’ve already had is not the case. I’ll update my post for clarity.


Not just that, but YouTube also lets me quickly rewind while the live stream is still being recorded, if I missed something or want to see something again in slow motion. Then I usually use 1.5x or 2x speed to catch up to the live stream again.


We are streaming in 20 m with SIRRIAN himself! Come join us for cool things and Sirrian