Gems of Streaming


She was on @Sirrian’s account. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol shame on sirrian then


… Looks like we will be going live in half an hour on twitch! Come say goodbye to me and hang out with Nimhain. Shenanigans. Good times. All that jazz.


Yay finally an afternoon stream




Come join us! We have codes and wigs and bad bad bad jokes and maybe new troops who knows???


Nim is doing team building. :wink:


Travel safe salty and I hope you have a great time.


Bye bye salty have a nice trip!!!


Thanks for joining us everyone!


So if you guys missed last stream, i asked about Nimhaim Lair and she said she was still working on it and will try to get it out for Christmas

Then i asked which kingdom on the list for a future rework and she said Karakoth, Divinion Fields and Pan’s Vale

I don’t know about you guys but i can’t wait, some of these troops really need some love and it will be cool to test them.


Nice :slight_smile:
Anybody here want to join guild snd me invite code of yours


Please take that to a recruitment / guilds thread.


But I like Kraken!


Streaming in 5 minutes! Come watch @Cyrup and @Nimhain stream!


Any stream tonight?


Yup, stream in about 35 minutes.


Nice is it you tonight @Ozball?


In a late change to the schedule… yes!


OZball and I will be on streaming 5m!! Come join us for FLOATATION sheannigans and some cool voices from me

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