Gems of Streaming


Sure will! :star:


I’d like to know what software you use and specifically how you fix support issues.


Alrighty everyone! We go live in 15. Wooooo! Come join us and met @Cyrup!

Channel Link


Can you post a link please @Saltypatra?


Link added.


Are there any kind souls who could post a summary this week? My phones all messed up and i’m unable to play any videos. If so, thank you in advance.


I asked the hard hitting quesions, and learned they use Atlassian which is a cloud based document sharing package similar to MS sharepoint. They also said the name of their ticketing software but I forgot, not one I used.


I remember Cup Head :coffee:


Psst @UKresistance, maybe ask to see @Ozball less in the future. It makes us streamers uncomfortable. (Also, he can’t tell you as much as I can? I’m happy to have him on Stream again, I love Ozball, but please respect us in the future.)


Wow nim was on xbox global chat!!! First time i see a dev there. It was a nice surprise you should do it more often


I’ve popped into xbox chat before, just not as often during the day.

I’ve got to get my ps4 account to get the dev tag so I can chat more there as well.


It was the first time i catch you then but you didin’t stay for long :frowning:


I might be in PS4 chat…


I don’t care im on xbox :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously you guys should stream from xbox it will be better then the battery and your crappy mic


I couldn’t believe my eyes.


I promise to ask for less @Ozball in the future and to be happy with the guests provided :stuck_out_tongue: He seems a bit camera shy too…

Ozball is more a lair type of guy, and he does write some of the best explanation posts.


They could directly Twitch stream the game and themselves with the kinnect camera and mike can’t they? And I think MS advertises and supports developers that Twitch their games.


I just watched yesterday stream and i must say im really dissapointed about you salty!! I saw you are using the noob team (troll-kraken) shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:


It wasn’t me! Blame @Cyrup!


Maybe but she was playing on your account :stuck_out_tongue: