Gems of Streaming


Reminder that our dev q and a stream will be tomorrow aedt at 11am. That is 7pm edt for you American humans on Monday

Can’t wait to see you there!


Well, that’s 1pm my time and I won’t be at home. Sadness! I hope someone will make a collection of the Q&A again to read here, that was really handy to read last time!


I’m Canadian you insensitive clod!


Do an other humans enjoy doing human things such as breathing air and walking on their leg? Haha being a human is so great


We go live in half an hour! Woo! (Also it’s my birthday! 8D)


Happy burfday @Saltypatra


Happy Birthday!


Going live in five!!! can’t wait to chat to you all :slight_smile:


And that’s a wrap!


lots of extra questions got answered. good show!


Yea that was a good one. Salty was a and still is a legend xxx


I made sure to get lots of questions in! It was a great stream, thanks for coming everyone. :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering my questions :slight_smile: (sadly we will not get a Merry Christmas Mab…).


Will there be a forum summary? Twitch and my computer don’t seem to like each other; I only get an error message (not a fault of the video, I have that problem with twitch all the time, but youtube works so I can normally play videos). I’d really appreciate that! I’d really love to know what questions got asked and what the answers were (especially concerning the health issues regarding the new UI as I am rather affected by them).


@Ashasekayi wrote it all up here: Dev Q&A Question Gathering Time!

Thanks @Ashasekayi!



Listening to Sirrian mention how some of the in-office migraine and motion sickness people didn’t have any ill affects while testing has me wondering if any testing is every done in a light setting more similar to how players play? In other words, most of us don’t play GoW in good lighting conditions. I tend to play with soft light while watching TV where the brightness of the new UI is pretty harsh.

Now I would never have thought about the potential need to take a look at something like the new UI in different light conditions until Sirrian mentioned some office members have light/dark sensitivity, but showed no ill affects.

You can also use this to pitch for unofficial office nap time, where all the lights are dimmed and everyone gets a blankie to test with. :wink:


Wanting to chime in that this is a really good point; I have to play with the curtains closed or at night because otherwise I can’t see the screen because of the sun, so I play in nighttime conditions with only one lightbulb in the room being on. I never considered if that has any effect, but it’s true - offices are usually much brighter than my little apartment for sure.


This might be a good time to mention that our office is unusually dark because of screen glare, so we get very little natural light. And uh, our lights are a bit busted…


Happy birthday!


Alrighty!~ We are streaming tomorrow, this time @Cyrup will be joining me! We will start 11 AM Aussie time, which is 7PM EDT.