Gems of Streaming


Hey everyone! I’ll be streaming again this morning, 10 AM AEDT.


Going live! Please join me. :slight_smile:


I talked a lot about the new UI. I also did some awful voice acting.


Missed it, i will catch next week streaming


Any transcript to read through your streaming?


It’s an hour long, so I guess not. You can watch it here though:


‘we wanted to freshen up the game and change the ui because it was looking pretty cluttered’.
Well slap me with a wet fish.
You think what we have now is less cluttered?
And to see someone so excited because a person said they loved the new look was unreal, it made me actually wonder if sp was behind this abomination.
I really can’t watch anymore of that bs.


in a huge crowd there is always a chance that you can find one or two ppl actuall honestly liking what the crowd hates
so im not surprised, personally i wont be going out of my way to fish out the streaming hours to join in the chat just to say how much i hate the new graphics, not worth my time


Hey everyone! Streaming again on Tuesday! This time we will have some cameos from a few of our esteemed devs, including drive bys our favourite Sirrian and Nimhain, as well as a few others.

Halloween stream go!

Tuesday 10 AM AEDT, or 7 PM Monday EST.


You will all wear a costume?


YES! Everyone will be in a costume. We will be live in five! Just making my coffee.


Cool im ready


Oh dear this was my favourite stream yet.


Whose costume was your favourite from our stream?


Your costume was nice salty, i also like sirrian rasta :slight_smile:


@Saltypatra dressed as a Canadian lumberjack just for you ricky lol.


the best costumes:

  1. Nimhain
  2. invisible man (not sure who is that, i only took a short peak at the vid)


It was Oz :slight_smile:


Nim and Salty are gorgeous! Sirrian is cool too lol… Nim’s costume was the best…


Nim has amazing clothes and costumes!