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Twitch replay:


I think it’s great we get to see the team but this last stream shows one of the major issues glaringly imo. Nim herself hasn’t had any experience with endgame or even mid game meta teams. If one of the people who designs the game has no experience of the grief we’ve got accustomed to, how on earth are they going to be able to see/do anything about it?
I’m not doing her down at all, it’s brave to go on camera and put yourself under such global (on a gow scale) scrutiny, but it’s pretty clear that she’s maybe not a hardcore player like most of the forum users.
I hope I have got my point across without offending anyone.
Thanks for the stream and @Saltypatra, my vote for your next hair is a mythic hairdo of your favourite mythic! So that’d be brown, green, purple for yasmine’s chosen for example! I hope you like it but if it’s too expensive for three colours we could run a kickstarter!


Just to, uh, step in here.

Both Sirrian and Nimahin often run late game accounts for testing purposes. However, these aren’t their preferred accounts, or the ones attached to their developer handles. (Especially because if they pulled a mythic on an endgame account and everyone knew it was them, global will typically try to drag them in. :P)

Nim specifically wanted to come on and play Arena, or run more unusual teams in PVP. That was her goal from streaming.

So, I just wanted to clarify the point about both of them having frequently played on endgame accounts. If you want to ask them more about this, I’d recommend submitting a question in the Dev Q & A thread or tuning in for the next stream.


Thanks for clearing that up as it didn’t come across in the stream. Looking forward to the mythic hair. Lol


Hey team! Sorry about the awful Aussie internet. At the conclusion of our Q&A Sirrian decreed that we would try to find a better office with better internet… (Now he has to stick to this!)

The next stream will be the same bat time, same bat channel. 10 AM AEDT on Tuesday 17/10/17. Which is 7 PM EST 16/10/17.

Sirrian will be joining me, and we will be previewing things… OOOOOOH how exciting! As it will be a preview video, I will be adding it to Twitch as a highlight and making it available as an edited video.


so dial-up internet is still a thing in au?


“Preview” means patch coming soon (ie within one month))? :slight_smile:


Not necessarily. :stuck_out_tongue: (everything is subject to approval processes etc.)



I can be very critical when there are obvious problems with the game.

However, I just watched the twitch videos, and this was wonderful. I’m looking forward to the next stream! It was nice to see both Nim and Sirrian give detailed answers to the majority of ‘hot topics’. Please continue this :+1:


Sadly thats the fastest we have here :frowning:


Your reminder that I will be streaming with Sirrian tomorrow at 10 AM AEDT, which is 7PM Monday evening EST. Feel free to ask Steve questions while I make him play on his account. (No more losing on my account, yay!)

We will also be doing some previews and sneak peeks… Can’t wait to see you all there!


I won’t be able to watch the stream live, so can someone who does answer a question about the UI that will probably get previewed:

Is the “exit this screen” button on the top left or top right of the screen? GoW has trained me to use the top right, and it is very uncomfortable for me to use the Dungeon and Soulforge right now, since they require me to stretch my thumb across the entire screen to reach the “back” button (I play one-handed because my hands are large enough to do most things in-game).



Gems of War tshirts possible, or do you not license art except for in game?
There are companies that you send art file, they pay you everytime they print that shirt.


Hey everyone! Going live in 5-10 minutes. In case you need the link it is here Sirrian will be joining us!


oh well that was fine for the time it last :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the internet! Hope you enjoyed the new UI!


Thanks. Can you resume which tabs have not be done with the new UI (I know the shop one)?


Chest pvp and shop are same then before


id pay for a revert to classic gems ui button! :stuck_out_tongue:


respect. 10ch