Gems of Streaming


The early duck catches the…
Less than three hours from now!


@Rickygervais half hour!
Or did I get the time wrong?


Nope, that time is correct. 25 minutes to go!


Oz speaks such nice proper English. Will he be joining us?


Yup ready for the show


Oh Nim is gonna be here? I’ll watch! I missed Nim.


Live in five!


Yeah baby!!!


And a good time was had by all. Or at least me.


So next stream is next week same bat time same bat channel?


Yes! But we also have our Dev Q & A stream on Thursday 10 AM ADT, which is Wesneday 7PM EST.


Ok now try to get your coffee ready before stream :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you my age/older, or is the Adam West Batman series just making it to Canada?


Lol probably same age


Nice to chat with everyone.

Sorry I’m not very comfortable in front of cameras and mics.

Thankfully the plushies help.


You did great nim!!!


You guys need to get a better mic the sound is very low i had to put volume at max and had difficulty to hear you exept when you were laughing it was loud lol



This is what you missed out on! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminder, your Q&A Stream is on Thursday 10 AM ADT, or Wednesday 7 PM EST. (I had so much fun doing this Stream with Nim! I hope she joins me again!)


where do i find the promissed youtube version?
or a link to a twitch reply?