Gems of Streaming


Wooooo just over half an hour now!


I’m still working on my mustache, it takes time, it’s hard living up to such fabulous standards. Stop pressuring me!!! :wink::smile::rofl:


Lets go salty you can do it :slight_smile:

What is on the menu?


Will there be a link?


Its in the first post


I think some tidbits about what is planned for 3.2 is in order :slight_smile:


All done! Thank you so much for joining me everyone. :slight_smile:


Ty for the free diamonds that was very cool


Player not found, player not found, all redemptions used. Oh well. I don’t need anything and my wife doesn’t play anymore even though I login daily lol


@Rickygervais very funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please remember that codes only work on PC/Mobile at this time.


What’s that? @Nimhain will be streaming with me tomorrow?!


10 AM ADT, 7 PM EST. Get on it!


Do I hear discussion of 3.2 being topic of the day?


Cool nim finally found some time to chill

Hope she could finish nim lair also :stuck_out_tongue:


Nim will talk about whatever she wants to talk about. The sky. Cat plushies. Wulfgarok. The usual.

(PS, we both have fun hair.)


I remember the halloween pic with sirrian and yes she was funny :slight_smile:


Wulfgarok chasing Cat plushies through the sky. Something that wouldn’t be unusual in the office i believe.


I have several new ones in my collection too.


You might want to save that for later… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One day…


Glad to see you nim you rock!