Gems of Streaming


At @Saltypatra I vote you change your hair color everytime a major patch is submitted.


Any place we can see picture when you were doing competiton?


@Ghaleon, you know what, I think I can do that.

@Rickygervais, sorry! I deleted my old Deviantart account, so it’s all (mostly) gone from the internet.


She had stuff up on her twitter.



Please come join me tomorrow! I might even wave at you!


Who is the gentleman in the corner?


It’s oz bro


Don’t forget your coffee salty :slight_smile:


I will have my coffee mug full and ready to go.

And yes! That is @Ozball!


Wild. I just associate people’s appearance with their avatars. Works for Salty (and Vangor?), but clearly does not work universally.


Don’t forget to put a little bit of rum inside coffee :slight_smile:


I wonder how you imagine @UKresistance??


You’re not alone, my mother comments that she sometimes forget’s I don’t look like my avatar (I use the same one almost everywhere, including Skype). I’ve been using this avatar for over 10 years I found out yesterday. :open_mouth:


Exactly as shown. If I have no difficulty picturing @Vangor as a gorilla playing Gems and participating in these forums, why should I have a problem with a wealthy anthropomorphic duck joining in the fun?

@Ozball, your mother is hinting that you don’t call enough. She worries.


Funny thing is tho @Grundulum, picturing me as an actual gorilla isnt too far off brudda! Thats why i adopted the gorilla as my spirit animal😎



Well this is fairly accurate… apart from the wings, I guess…


Will you ever do an afternoon stream around reset time?


You never know, could happen!


I’ve been using this since 2001 - It was one of my livejournal icons. I love avatars… wish we could put in the game our own avatar.


Lol, I am a big scrooge mcduck fan, and am a bit tight with money. Oh, and the classic carl barks Duck stories are in print in hardcover.

I’m slightly younger than Sirrian, with massively more hair. I got a pic up in our gow line chat.