Gems of Streaming


omg it’s now??? i been sleeping outside last night just to make sure i had good seat


My coffee is strong and smashed avo warm. Logging in now.


Thanks for joining us everyone! I hope you enjoyed meeting @Ozball!


Yes that was fun but next time we want to see you do more then one fight :stuck_out_tongue:


I brought him in so he could play while I talked. XD Don’t worry we will get the hang of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe Oz should do the talking, you squeek! Lol


Do I squeek? How do? D8


When is your next stream @Saltypatra?


Tuesday 10 am Aussie time. So 7PM Monday EST.


What’s that in English money honey? :slight_smile:


That was in English :stuck_out_tongue: If you were wanting to know what time it was in England however…


Lol, yea doood!
Lol, ta very much.
That’s my bedtime however, snuggle time!


Is your hair going to be a different color this week?


Still pink at the moment! Liable to change at the drop of a hat though.


We should get her to cosplay sometimes, or dress oz funny. Oz as queen mab? Lol


Don’t give her ideas <_<


She said she will wear a cosplay costume For special halloween streaming


Indeed I will be in costume for Halloween! Haven’t decided what I will wear yet, I have a collection.


Any you won a prize with?


Um, yes, actually. But that was many years ago. I’m not competitive anymore, and I dress up a lot less than I used too.