Gems' costs for unlocking the Soulforge levels beyond ten

Am not able to find the costs’ table anywhere and am done with searching for the bloody Cursed Gnomes as well, so, decided to make the very tiring, tedious and titanic task of farming Gems resorting to the hundreds and hundreds of relegated Treasure Maps I have, trying to put them to good use.

However, am not being able to locate anywhere the unlocking costs for each level and would like to know them for not farming beyond the absolutely necessary, therefore this small but crucial piece of information would be very much appreciated.

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I don’t know who made this table (thank you), but here it is:



Thank you very much Borjay, currently am at level thirteen with a a few more than three thousands Gems, so, almost five thousand Gems are required to achieve the goal and are missing two thousand, do not know how much it will take, but will not stop.

As an additional advice for anyone who dares to try the method, and also beating these devious devs on its own game, is recommended to do short Treasure Maps’ runs (between twenty and thirty turns), setting as objective getting a single Gem, trying to fill the board with the largest possible amount of green chests, effectively transforming the Maps on Gems at a not so slow pace, and any run with more than one Gem, is a bigger gain.

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