When are you going to update treasure maps

For over a year your team has said you would map treasure maps useful well I even as a new player these things are worthless you don’t need traitstones the gems are not worth getting glory and souls you get more out of PvP.


I am thinking they perhaps could be used as soulforge currency when the souldforge gets expanded


I think they should allow players to use these maps to craft something in the soulforge. Or allow exchange like 100 maps for one Gem or something useful.


I’d be ok if I could dump them in the trash bin.

There will never be an exchange as long as collections like this exist.

Well there is a lot of spoiler information about future updates and levelling the soulforge from 10-20 and having a bunch of recipes there.TaransWorld Diff

We don’t know when they will release it yet and we don’t know the materials for the recipes but we can see a lot of recipes already. I can see it being used as a currency for this.



Please use some other image, that makes me extremely nauseous.

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You can stop it by pressing on it. Hope you feel better :slight_smile:

It’s the image itself.

Unsure if this is a meme or legit but I’m hooked :joy: