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Gems changing on their own

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Looks like both you and AI made a move. It also could have been the result of an spell, like the valkerie’s. However, it is a little difficult to tell when we can only see your team and not your opponent’s.

I have a video of it I just can’t post it.

Changing? But you casted Zephyros, destroyed a column and obviously lost one troop in between

Mang has the upgrage to level VI that creates 1 red gem

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You can’t post video so the move happened over my move to his move but none of the moves changed color of that purple gem

Oh my fault I did not know this hence it is my fault for not looking further into it I apologise I now see this.ty for addressing the issue for future reference I will look at thing a little further.

Ty I didn’t know this that exactly what happened I appreciate the help.