Gem dragon drop rates PLEASE FIX

This is undoubtedly a FEATURE… But this has to be said… the drop rates for the gem dragons need to be adjusted… I have 3 to 4 copies of all the gem dragons… minus the emerald and Garnet ones… That is one dragon shy of crafting each ring… I have seen this so many times through the years in different ways where the devs Intentionally paywall things that are basically free to craft… @Nimhain

Your hypothesis is lacking raw data.

Ironically, pooled community data has yielded a roughly equal distribution of the six Gem Dragons at large (consistent with a fair RNG). Key phrase: “at large”. We also have quite a few forum reports of users with unusually skewed distributions of Gem Dragons, but since we aren’t exactly privy to the (serverside) algorithm used to drop Gem Dragons, we’re just taking shots in the dark.