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Gave in...Made a Gobo Deck :/

I gave in to the gobos…


Goblins are the best counter to Goblins.

Everyone should have a Goblin deck.


Hopefully y’all will get Mab soon. Mab is the perfect counter to goblin teams.

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Absolutely. Though Mab is the best counter to…just about everything, she shines particularly brightly when facing goblins.

“That’s a fancy Extra Turn you’ve got there. Would be a shame if something happened to it…”


She’ll appear within 3 months tops.

Though technically Borealis would be as useful and cost far less. You’d need other troops for the heavy killing, but you don’t absolutely need the Blue Goblin.

Any glacial peak frozen team is the perfect counter to goblins.

Queen Mab is irrelevant here. Glacial Peaks is 3 month away.

Besides, it USED to be shameful to use Goblins, now the shame crowd is Mab and Maw users.

A few Gob-Chompers also work pretty well.

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Maybe the Jarl. Wipe all the green off the board and burn them in the process. I love that troop. One if the few Legendary I have on both Console and PC.

Mab and Maw / Mercy replaced Trueshot / Valkyrie / Sheggra / Sheggra’s Heart, which themselves replaced older high-end flavors of the day (Gorgotha / Carnex at one point, Webspinner at another).

Goblins have always been the budget option.

And “shame” is really in the eye of the beholder. For some people, goblins are all they can afford to make viable.


some use goblins for events. (supplement one goblin from the team with x event troop.) If it works go with it i say, if a team works for you then screw the meta at large. Variety is the spice of life!

Borealis is not so great. Frozen falls off like any other status effect. Mab’s trait is constantly reapplying it. With Borealis you collect a ton of mana to do a freeze & really minimal damage. Then the enemy team unfreezes before you’re halfway to another cast.

But for those who don’t have 16 Spirit and 2 Celestials, it’s still an alternative. There are enough mana makers to keep filling Borealis fast. Even Mab relies on Valkyrie much both to charge up and set off her traits.

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I agree, I don’t feel any shame with playing Mab, nor anywhere near the frustration level in facing those comps as I did with the Goblin teams. Goblin just wasn’t fun to play against, it left you with out options in some cases, and it just came across as pure cheese. Mab is OP right now, but that too will change. Maw is more frustrating to me than Mab currently, the randomness through which Maw can turn the tables in a game can be unappealing.