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Goblins are way too over powered

i think it really like sucks that all goblins have a extra turn like so many times i can only do 2 turns and its just over for me because they are self looping so they have endless turns until ur dead id really wish this would be fixed somehow because its really annoying and completely destroying the fun

Learn to play …


yeah smart u are… but how about on red day… and if u dont get the chance to freeze or silence …

I’ve been in top 10 tier of PvP and my standard team has beaten them more often than not.
It’s basically my ONLY team that I use.
Queen mab
Dark troll
Queen titania
Emporer liang.
Abyssal banner.
My only other team I used before I went for an all magic and full team damaging line up was
Doom claw (could swap out for Kerberos)
Infernal king
Constant skull damaging for a hopefully devouring beast in first. Or back up spot in 2nd.

i beat them also most times thats not the point …
the point is that they can kill all 4 troops in ur team in just 1 turn and this just shouldnt be like that…

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Can’t win them all. Put your big boy pants and and suck it up.

i didnt ask for ur opinion and if u can only insult ppl then u shouldt say anything at all …


Before if I had a bad feeling before a Goblin match I played with a Mab and 3 red troops in said a Red guild wars day. I had to get slip of some points doing this, since I only was using 3 red troops, but it was worth it, especially those times I won the games, and especially those matches where Mab saved my ass. Its sometimes better to not risk it all with going full daily colors for GW. It’s ofc no guarantee you will win using a such strategy, but against Goblins it will be a increased chance at least. Its sometimes better to risk a few 100 points, than almost all of them. I hope this helps!


yeah thanks for the advice ill do that next time


You are welcome, and welcome to the GoW boards! :smiley:


thanks buddy :wink:

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Freeze Freeze Freeze!!!.. those little green bastereds hate the cold. :smile: Freeze gets them every time. Once you Pull a Borealis or Queen Mab your problem will be solved.

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yeah not always though like i said sometimes u dont get the chance for it sometimes u do 2turns and they destroy u because u just wouldnt get a third turn and in my opinion this just shouldnt be possible u know

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In my opinion the best thing to do if you see a goblin team on red GW day is to put a ice goblin in your team, even two if it fits your build. The irony being that its a goblin thats the best counter to goblins on that day, you can still do 4x red this way and have a decent freeze on your team. I know this wont fix it 100% but i hope the idea helps :+1:


:point_up: this!

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I beat them on red day just today. The issue is not with goblins or any other meta. The issue is with people thinking they are never supposed to lose.

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There are a few over-powered units attracting rightful debate now. Goblins shouldn’t be one of them, really.

With goblins in GW, even when I freezs, it either cleanses too quick or hits only one of them and barely stops the extra turns. On the other hand, I’ve beaten them plenty of times before. There are counters of course, like the 4x gob chomper for yellow and brown GW, pvp and even pets.

The issue is that with how bad luck streaks can be, goblins are a bad offender and with explosions and extra turns, need very little to go off, especially with the cheap mana costs. While I think the mana costs for fizz, nobend, and queen could be higher, it is still a symptom rather than a cause.

Board control is very powerful in this game, a bit too much at least for generators and exploders. Planning a conversion or removal to make matches is one thing, but blowing up a few gems, and filling up again is too much. Infernus is better than ubastet as while the latter has a more damaging spell, the explosions make infernus often filling up right away.

It’s not goblins, or dragons, or divines, its the game. Powercreep is quite the thing and while this isn’t the worst game that deals with it by far, it is bad at times. I mean, remember when famine was so bad? Resetting your team to no mana minus one troop was just dandy. Now, not only are there more drainers and mana drain immunities but famine got nerfed a little. That doesn’t matter now though, as why bother with famine when you need less than half the mana to fill up a troop that can kill 2 or even 3 troops with ishbaala? How can we have one mythic that may eventually get to one shot power, who is outclassed by other single target mythics who are outclassed by mythics like ubastet or ketras? Not all mythics should be the same, but they should be closer in power than what it is now.

While steps have been taken, I applaud the possible explosion nerf because the troops that abuse it will still be great, but not having all these crazy swings in the tide of battle.

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In pet rescues

Gob Chomper
Gob Chomper
Gob Chomper
Gob Chomper

Get all his traits and he will start with full mana, if he doesn’t devour on first turn retreat and try again.

In PvP/Guild Wars I suggest using any team with Queen Mab, Ice Goblin (or Borealis), should make it a lot easier.

Ice Goblin their arse. On red day