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Game of Thrones [spoilers?]

So, are any of you following this TV series?

I guess there must be some of you that are fans of this series, considering the fantasy element in both the TV series and this game…

I just watched the third episode of season 6, and I’m still amazed how complex and intricated George Martin made his the world of " A Song of Fire and Ice", and what a valiant effort the makers of the TV series are making to do justice to George Martins (admittedly slowly developing :wink: ) story… There are still so many mysteries to be solved, although the most recent episode was very clarifying towards the final showdown that must follow eventually between humans and the white walkers…

I’m a fan of the series, however my obligations do not allow me to watch a new episode before Friday evening :cry:
The last I warned was episode 2, and I’m now waiting 3 days to watch the newest episode, and I can’t wait :slight_smile:

i am a big fan too - since season one i am addicted :smiley:
one of my favorite “ITS JUST UNBELIEVABLE” scenes is the well known “Bloddy Wedding” - ive never been more shocked after watching an series.

if u can remember: in the outro of this episode there was no music - just silence -> EPIC DRAMA

my current ringtone is a rock version of the intro^^


yeah avid fan here.
Things I’m waiting for:
Possible spoilers if you haven’t read the books

-Arya to become kick ass assassin
-Nimeria to become kick ass wolf pack
-Arya to become full blown warg
-Azor Ahai
-Three dragon riders (we’ve seen only one)
-Will they include the horns? The horn of dragons, the horn of ice

Things that I was disappointed with,
-They called Hodor “Willis”, and not “Walder”.

It’s not my favorite since I don’t really like what happened, but definitely most shocking :open_mouth:

I do, despite it’s pretty MEH from season 2 after the most brilliant start. Currently it’s even managed to uncharted territory due to Martin slipped with the 6th book.

Yes, season 6 is really going to be new material for the most part. I had already read the books before the series started, so things like the red wedding, and Jon Snow getting stabbed by the Nights Watch traitors weren’t surprises to me.

What also wasn’t a surprise, although it wasn’t quite the same as in the books, was the fight at the Tower of Joy in the third episode of season 6. If I’m not mistaken that will be very important for the rest of the series and it will probably finally clear up the parentage of Jon Snow.

I loved the scene with Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei, with all the attempts at conversation by Tyrion really going nowhere because the other two are just so different from him.:smiley:

Yeah first 2 seasons where very, very intense. But I absolutely loved the fight between the viper and the mountain :slight_smile:
And the way Tyrion killed his father! My favorite character is probably Tyrion (was Ned until stuff happened. .)
Drinking and knowing stuff, that’s what I do :smile:

Well we should have guessed Ned’s fate given the actor playing him :wink:

C told him pretty clearly, " When You Play The Game Of Thrones You Win Or You Die"

Btw the modern era version is running as ‘House of Cards’

Been watching it since it came out, now just starting the 6th series, I absolutely love love it!!!, so much drama!!!

My wife and I got around to finally watching GoT. First episode last night. We plan on watch one episode per night :wink:

It will quickly turn into more. You’ll want to see more. To know what happens. No, not want, you’ll need to see more :slight_smile:

I read the books and hear enough of what’s going on to know what to expect.

With Jon back to life, it’s painfully clear that “A Song of Fire and Ice” is a reference to Jon and Daenerys joining forces, marrying and becoming the rulers of Westeros.

Fire = Daenerys
Ice = Jon Snow

EDIT: When they finally reveal who Jon’s mother is, if she’s got royal blood, my theory is confirmed in my mind.

Or is it:

Fire = Dragons
Ice = Others

Seems like that’s the epic confrontation that it’s all working toward.

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Yeah I was thinking it refers to ice undead troops fighting dragons. And dragons obviously winning.

Or Song of Ice and fire could be referencing R+L=J theory :wink:

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I guess that would make J the most central character. Definitely possible!

i like the performance of HODOR!

he is just HODORastic…


I’ve got a sneaky suspicion (from a few hints both in the books and in the series, and from the scene at the tower of Joy in episode 3 of season 6), that it will soon be revealed that Jon Snow is NOT Eddard Stark’s bastard son, but his nephew. Definately royal blood though, 'cause I think Jon is the son of Eddards sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. I’m guessing Brandon Stark will soon see a vision by the one eyed raven where Eddard enters the tower of Joy (where Lyanna was being held captive by Rhaegars Kings guard members Arthur Dayne and Gerold Hightower) and finds a dead/dying Lyanna with a small baby soon to be named Jon Snow.