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What is worse than attending a Game of Thrones wedding?

Going clubbing with The Walking Dead

Thank you everyone, I’m here all week


I stoped watching walking dead. Show had so much potential but it’s like watching the same season over and over again. Same cliff hangers, same story. .


This. I eventually realized I was hate watching it and stopped a few seasons back. So much potential gone down the tubes. Still one of the best intro episodes ever though; I’ll always love it for that.

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So many people thought it was going to be a zombie gorefest show, but once story showed up, people left.

What season did story show up?

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Season 2.

The last 2 seasons have been intense as well and we got to go clubbing this season’s premiere

You’re joking right? Season 2 was horrible. HORRIBLE LOL

“Gosh, this Red Wedding rehearsal is killing me…”

  • Someone that, for mysterious reasons, didn’t showed up at the real wedding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I stoped a little before the end of the season 3. So yeah season 2 story is 404. .
But OG is right, that intro episode!

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I think I made it through 4? I can’t remember anymore.

I’ve not successfully managed to watch even a single episode of the TWD or GoT. (Hard to believe, right?)
Neither series have ever peeked my interest in the slightest. Maybe I’m too picky.

Because of this, I can tell I’d be quite the outcast conversationally if I actually talked to people outside.

TWD you could skip. It’s good television, but it’s not great. However GoT is great television.

If you don’t like a lot of nudity in your tv shows, then you were right to skip it.

Although to be fair, the nudity doesn’t take away from GoT at all unlike other shows.


I 100% agree with @HKdirewolf; TWD annoyed the piss out of me but I think my expectations were too high. GoT is amazing but I know some people were thrown off by the slower pacing of the first season (especially the first few episodes). Most people I know that stuck with it, love it though. Might be worth trying again. :slight_smile:

Except I never tried it in the first place, (like I said, not a single episode) but I do see your point.

I’ve just never found post-apocalyptic (TWD) or medieval (GoT) settings in episodic-TV series all that interesting. These genres are inherently slow because a lot of build-up and world-building are required to make them enjoyable.

In games, they’re easy to make fun because you’re living it, the experience comes to you and you can enjoy things your own way. Sure there’s a story and world-building, but it’s your choice whether you tackle that info.

In movies, even if things aren’t entirely fleshed out you’re only required to dedicate so much time to it. It’s fast to build-up, skimps a bit on the world-building, and everything’s done in a couple to few hours. Easy!

On television, I’m actively making a time investment to watch this series, to try and understand the world and suspend my disbelief in hopes that it pays off week-to-week. The slow pace and build-up because they now CAN take it slow, means that I’m dedicating that much more time and holding on that much longer for the payoff.

I might just be impatient, and that’s my real issue with these series’ genres. But even as widely-beloved as they are, I’m just not sure they’re for me. If I did watch GoT, I’d probably enjoy and believe it to be as great as I’ve heard it is! But the time investment might be a little too much for me to give it a try.

Both shows are great to binge-watch. Waiting a week (or 6 months) can make them hard to “get into”

I watched through the mid-season break of Season 3 originally, then binge-watched to present over the past month or so. I think after the first season the show works much better as a binge.

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Game of Thrones is awesome. IMHO it’s the best TV show currently running.

I actually liked the Walking Dead for the first few series, but over time it became very repetitive. I made it all the way to the season 6 finale, but that was the end for me. It seemed like all season 6 was about was setting up season 7 for even more excessive stuff. In hindsight I probably should’ve seen that trend developing since season 4, but season 6 was in all likelihood the last Walking Dead for me…