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2021, how has this not been cancelled yet?

I’m honestly not offended by the title.
I feel like if I was… the OP would be in a very different style than this.
I am intrigued by the subject of “cancel culture” though.
And if someone asked me if I thought the title was appropriate? I’d say no.
And if they said they were offended. I’d say I could see that.
But does it need to be “cancelled”? (Keeping in mind this phrasing exists outside of GoW as well. Or even the notion of “Pinching strangers for not wearing green.”)

No. The title/Phrase is dumb… Probably should of never existed in the first place. But it’s not actually “hurting” anyone.

So let’s just suspend it instead… until the pandemic is over and then it’s safe to kiss and pinch for any asinine reasons you want (under the law :slightly_smiling_face:).

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It’s a common phrase associated with St. Patrick’s Day, origin seems to be kissing the Blarney Stone for good luck. There’s a Wiki entry about it here. Doesn’t feel like anything inappropriate.

Hard to tell if you’re actually being serious or if you’re once again just trying to find a way to argue against any possible point I’m making.
But to me there’s a difference between inappropriate material and offensive material. So I’m not bothered by the title.
I think the title is dumb and I’m aware it’s a common phrase (I tried to cite as much in the OP) because what’s the difference between “Kiss me, I’m Irish” than something like “French Kiss me, I’m French.”

Still though… As I’m getting into yet another pointless internet argument… The OP was meant to be satirical in nature. I don’t care if the title gets actually cancelled or not. But during a pandemic… It’s probably best not kiss or pinch any strangers… Irish or not. So I request this year the practice be suspended. 🤷 (Time and place type thing more than anything.)

I called my brother a retard for tripping over a curb the other day and some lady went off on me. We just laughed and told her to blow and left.

Serious, of course. I’m stalking arguments, not people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t aware, it seemed to be serious. There have been weirder requests in the past.

Serious question? It’s about this specific sequence of words, not the meaning. Think of it as the ancient version of a meme, if you are pro St. Patrick’s Day you’ll display some T-shirt or coffee mug with exactly that phrase on it. If you change any of the words it loses its connection.

To even have this thought, it means you have nothing real to worry about in your own life, and too much free time

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Good for the TC. I hope eventually my life will be like that, too

To judge another stranger so flippantly tells me how sad your real life is and for that I truly am sorry. And I wish you could post ridiculous thoughts… On a video game forum… That strangers choose to click on volunteerly and read (such as yourself) even when they are clearly labeled “off topic”.

We are all given the same amount of time each day. The concept of too much or too little “free time” on a video game forum is quite ridiculous. My only advice is for you to rethink how you spend yours if this is how you choose to utilize it. Perhaps more positive endeavors would be more uplifting for ones self.

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As douchey as his intentions were, ironically the guy ended up complimenting you.

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Reminds me when I was like 22.
We were all at the bar and came back to my place for an after party. I retired to my bedroom with a lady friend and others were still in the house partying. I walked her to the front door after and when I came back to where they were playing beer pong. One of my roommates buddies said “Ryan man, (I didn’t recognize the dude so I assumed it was a friend of my roommates) you could do better.”
A. Thanks for thinking this ugly mug could do better than (than what I personally thought) was the hot girl I was with.
B. Go Frank yourself for the completely unnecessary judgement of her when for all he could know that could of been my gf.

People are strange.

Remember this @awryan. It is always the people that is in need of judging others that is the ones that have a problem. Their problem is so huge that they have to lash out on others.

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Duuuude. Lol. I think it should be cancelled because I’m not Irish and I’m sick and tired of the Irish people getting all the love! :joy:

As to the pandemic… probably not an issue since it’s a title in a game, thus zero chance of germ transfer here. Kudos for the tongue in cheek, though. Now I shall pop some corn and read the rest of the thread.

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My life is 100% positive
That’s why being offended by a phrase that has existed as long as I’ve been alive has never crossed my mind

I think a little deeper and perceptively, like… ever think we blow up St Patrick’s day so much, so they can sell the overstock of green clothes that no one would wear the other 364 days of the year? Walk down the street for an hour and tell me if you even see one green shirt out of 500 people

Or we could just think about cancelling mistletoe next😂

Oh so to you people who are creative or have an imagination don’t have a 100% positive life.

I read/watch the news for a solid 3 hours each day so I would cite that as my source of inspiration. And nothing from my personal life.

If my thread is the first you’re reading about cancel culture then I highly suggest you read stuff way more important than anything with my name next to the “by line” moving forward. :slightly_smiling_face:

So hold up… Are you saying I should of criticized the holiday instead of the title?

… And now you’re trying to be part of the joke after trying to take a shot at me. Interesting. Lol

Have a good man.