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[SPOILERS] Netflix Stranger Things

So since it seems there’s more than a few people that have seen Stranger Things on the forums, I’d like to know what you’d like to see for season 2? Let’s leave spoilers out for people that haven’t seen it yet. Just speculate on what you’d like to see happen. :slight_smile:


Or hide your spoilers!

So what are the prevailing theories for a season 2?

So far all the articles that I have read, said it’s probably going to take place in a different town. They said they wanted every season to play out like a movie. Which I think season 1 did with greatness. So it makes sense for a new “movie” to start with a new monster or monsters.

I want to see Eleven return with some epic powers and insights about the Upside-Down.

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I’m afraid for anyone to walk in here not knowing and maybe spoiling anything, tags or no tags, so i edited the title. I liked this show so much, that any prior knowledge to it might make it less of an experience.


I thought the little girl was the highlight of the show. She’s a phenomenal actress and I hope she has a bright future… And I hope she is in subsequent seasons!

I feel like it would be best to leave season 1 where it ended and do a whole different arc, but I could see some loose affiliation via Hopper, Eleven, and the Upside-Down and how it plays out in different scenarios.


OT: i’d like a reference to “heeeeey yooouuuuu guuuuuuuuuyyyyyyys” and self-made DATA-style gimmicks

Agreed, thank you for that. I wanted there to be no spoilers here, but alas, it will probably happen. I was blown away when I first saw the show so I wouldn’t want that ruined AT ALL.

I believe I’ve read that the kids will remain, not sure who else will though. Because that story arc certainly isn’t finished.

How do you do spoiler posts again? So I can hide a sentence?

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I couldn’t agree more. She’s an amazing actress. She showed so much emotional depth for a little girl. I can’t say that for many adult actresses. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the Eleven character. I surely think there is at least one more season worth of story to be told.

However, I wouldn’t complain if they went the anthology route. I’m a huge fan of American Horror Story as well. It would be cool to have a sci-fi based anthology done as well as American Horror Story.


I think that cheap-ass Robert Pattinson did a great 80’s style douche-gone-good as well.

What effect do you all think the other dimension had on the main character?

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I haven’t finished watching, but I love the music. Reminds me of Firestarter as well.

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Save yourself and do not click on my spoiler tag. I love how they managed to capture the “feel” of all the old horror movies, in a show.

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I assume you mean Eleven, and my assumption is that the Uspide-Down spawned from her psyche, particularly since she vanished with the monster and now seems to reside there.

Personally I think there’s just so much that doesn’t quite make sense about the first season that it’s best left unresolved. How Will is coughing up slugs, how Eleven is only in the Upside-Down, why there was only one of the creatures, why Hopper willingly got in the car, etc. I worry if we dig too deep it falls apart. Also, my wife said that the kid with the lisp apparently couldn’t do any of his voice-overs in post-production bc he got his teeth fixed and he sounds nothing like he did before. It would be a real bummer for him to not be a goofball with a lisp. I also think it loses some of its magic if the core group of boys age up and are high schoolers.


I’m alright with spoliers. Thank you though :grin:

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Yeah I was talking about Will. Have you not finished the show Studs? Eleven is back from the other dimension. That’s who the cop is taking food(eggos her fav food) to at the end. (well assumed) It’s fresh food so she’s around.