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(spoiler) rip (spoiler) The Walking Dead


Not sure i will be able to keep watching, but i enjoyed it while it lasted. One thing is sure is the show won’t be the same without him and the next leader got very big shoes to wear

Ps: i know he is not dead for real but he is gone for the show for sure :slight_smile:

Could you please put The Walking Dead in the title. I haven’t seen the episode yet and if I knew this was about TWD I wouldn’t have clicked on this thread yet.

Done sorry about that but if you didin’t know it was his last episode you must been away from the last year

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Thank you. I knew it was his last episode but wasn’t 100% sure what they were going to do with his character. I thought they might have left his departure open ended and he might have gone on Anne’s helicopter. I was pretty sure he was going to die though I haven’t seen Andrew Lincoln talking about coming back one day.

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I suggest you to watch talking dead after the episode. Not telling more :wink: