Game Crash when Pet Rescue Event Finishes

Xbox 1

If a pet rescue event ends whilst you are in the middle of a pet rescue battle, you get kicked back to the main loading screen at the start of game.

Been happening since before 4.3.

Start pet rescue battle with timer about to run out. Do not complete pet rescue battle. Wait for timer to finish and message will appear saying event has finished, and you will be kicked out of game and back to main loading screen at start of game.

Hey there,

If the event ends, even a few seconds difference during a battle, this will happen.

Thanks @Cyrup, I am aware how the rewards are distributed when a pet rescue ends, but the problem I was highlighting is that it then kicks you out of the game and you have to fully load the game from the start again. I would think that it should just send you back to the world map screen?

That would be more ideal…! I’ll pass that onto the team for you. :slight_smile:

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Ah, they’re actually already looking into this for correction in the future, potentially around the 4.5 update milestone. Unfortunately it looks like a more complicated issue than it seems as it involves some back-end server changes.

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