Frustration mountains

This game became frustration mountains since l came back. Try to go ahead with my ‘countries’ is impossible because it gives the troops automatically, eg. l got unknown level 5 troops against level 100.
The last update is awful, l got migrain by those merged and flamboyant colours that l actually have been playing blindly.
The whole system is extremely frustrating, the sessions are too long and boring.
I hope they will revert the old version of the game and the cards too. Thanks if you reading this.


… which game mode was that?

This isn’t going to happen, just some changes to the cards in the next update. Whenever that will be.

It sounds like the new Trials mode. Since the 4 troops you are forced to use are predetermined, if you don’t have them unlocked, your are “loaned” an untraited level 5 base rarity version of it. Which then makes the trial harder.

If u dont like your loaner troop put it in first let it die and summon with fundingus. Last week they loaned you an instant kill…on its spell…dont get much better than that. Sounds like you are worrying about things b4 you should. Tho i cant help you with the visuals they said they are fixing it

Just tell the truth review them on Google store form 5 to 1 star or on steam platform like me did. Devs are for us, not we for them. I have been playing Gow sińce 2017 now im out