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Disappointed with the Update

I find this update totally useless and stupid! Especially to play without the Hero!
I would have preferred to have new classes or to modify some of them, because there are a lot of duplicates! Among other things, the Wargare class is missing!
Why are you doing this ??
What do you plan to do with the Primordial and Apocalypse Realm maps?
I’m starting to be disgusted with the game !!


Agree; the update is beyond disappointing. It is not fun having a team without a counter to unknown combinations across up to six matches. If a troop barriers and adds life it does so over and over; it is pointless continuing a game after a few casts. If a troop like egg thief is in the last slot and you dont have a troop casting against position four; it spawns and spawns eggs and dragons; seriously; after a few minutes you are over whelmed or looking at ten minutes plus to win. That is gaming nonsense. Ok we dont have to play arena . Maybe in the end we dont play GoW . You did not fix the problems in the arena ; you have added new ones. Beyond disappointing. A shocking update. Shameful to call it an update. But you don’t care .