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Frostfeather does not freeze all on death when [NOT A BUG BUT REPORTED]


Screenshot or image:

Frostfeather should freeze all enemies on death.
But when hero’s Backup summon Bandit to take its place, no freezing occurs.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens every time when Backup triggers.
I was using Dervish.

Freezing happens when Backup not triggered.

Are you saying no troops are frozen when a bandit is summoned? Or just the newly summoned banding isn’t frozen?

No enemies frozen at all when my FrostFeather dies and my hero summons a bandit to take its place.

All enemies ARE frozen when Backup did not trigger.

Clearly the dev don’t actually play, or dont give a damn.

Just to make sure I understand the steps to reproduce:

  1. A team with Frostfeather and hero with Backup trait
  2. Kill Frostfeather (or wait until Frostfeather killed if playing defense)
  3. One of 2 things will happen:
    a) If no backup summoned, Frostfeather will freeze all troops on opposing team
    b) If backup summoned, no freezing will occur.

I wonder if this happens for any other “on-death” trait (like Lust) and any on-death summon. Should be simple enough to test out. Will see if I can get screenshots.

EDIT: Good news is that I managed to spawn bandit on first try. “Bad” news is that Frostfeather did freeze everyone.

Before casting Ketras on Frostfeather:

After Ketras killed Frostfeather and Backup summoned Bandit in its place:


I am using frostfeather in Attack team.

That would be more difficult to test, but it should behave the exact same way as pictured above. If you manage to get screenshots or video of it happening, I’m sure the Devs will look into it.

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Why? It is actually easier to test, just kill frostfeather with Elspeth.

Thats my combo.

Thank you for testing it on defense.

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Hmm, Frostfeather killed with Espeth, Bandit summoned, enemies frozen…

Enemies also frozen when Backup does not trigger and Elspeth summons a knight.

Tested several times in different kingdoms.

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… You are absolutely right. Never thought of killing my own units. Keep forgetting there are units that do that. But apparently @Dust_Angel has already spared me the trouble of testing it out.

My guess, you happened to be facing a team that had immunity to freeze OR that they cleansed shortly after (e.g. if Queen Beetrix killed your Frostfeather but also matched 4 (I don’t know if the cleanse would trigger before or after Frostfeather’s freeze but that’s another issue entirely)).

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I am certain those are not the case, i also test it on ipad many times. Maybe its ipad only issue.

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Firstly, I want to apologize for dismissing it. But not only did i replicate the bug, but narrowed it down. And it gets weirder. (Not sure how to film on mobile so apologize in advance for screenshots)

When Frostfeather is in 1st slot. It behaves as expected, even when a bandit is summoned:

However, in any other slot, it really does not freeze when bandit is summoned:





Based on those screenshots, the Relative Position of the Hero (above Frostfeather) seems to be a prime suspect for the bug.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:

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@AMT might be on to something here. Frostfeather in 2, Hero in 4 - freeze activates even with a Bandit summon.

With some more juggling troops around - whenever Frostfeather is above Hero freeze activates; when Hero is above Frostfeather freeze activates only if Backup does not trigger.


Same thing with other trigger on death traits (sunbird, lust,…)


So it is about Hero position, not about frostfeather or lust or whatnot… weird and weirder…

Traits activate from top to bottom.

When hero is on top, he summons bandit first. Frostfeathers slot is now replaced by bandit who has no on death traits. No freeze.

When frostfeather is above hero, it freezes first, then hero summons bandit. Everything works as expected.

Im just trying to explain how the game currently works. I still think this is a bug which needs to be fixed


Even the Bandit summoning itself is problematic, getting in the way of Elspeth spell, while her spell is not finished.

I think elspeths spell has multiple steps and the traits are triggered between each step

If you have lust on your team you can see the a knight is only summoned after lust finishes her charm

Right, I forgot about top to bottom traits. I forget to the point where I’m surprised about which storm shows up because of the order of troops. This does explain why I’ve only ever seen Frostfeather on first slot.