Frostmage class can only freeze first slot!

Frostmage was released at the end of September, but it is yet to be fixed.
The third trait is supposed to freeze a Random enemy, but it can only freeze the first enemy.
Every time it triggers it’s just the first enemy.
Please test this, but turn of the Snap Freeze talent to not confuse you, because that is working correctly and does freeze a random enemy at the start of the battle.
Either change the trait’s text from “random” to “first”, or fix the trait please!


This was raised by my guild member @Astaerus back in October.

I also experimented with Frost Mage and 3 x Greeds to see where the Frostbite landed and in very seldom cases (less than 5%) it did actually target a different troop other than the first.
Still this is nowhere even close to call this a “random enemy.”

@Kafka did mention she filed a bug report however we weren’t updated on the progress.


Hey Fiara, there’s a lot of reports/tickets to handle so we won’t always follow up unless we have a resolution and it’s affecting a large number of people. Feel free to poke us though. I checked the report for this and we weren’t able to reproduce the issue.

What platform are you on @jzg ? Please also list the exact Troops, Traits, and enemy team for the same if possible

I was actually going to record a 100 battles with it, but wanted to finish leveling Shaman class first.
I play on pc mostly, but it’s the same on android.
I played at least 700 - 800 pvp battles and not once saw it freeze anything but a first slot, and it’s the same for AI when I played against Frostmage during this couple of months.

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Playing devil’s advocate, “random enemy” is not the same as “each enemy, with a 25% chance”. It might still be random, but heavily skewed towards the first enemy. (It also might be bugged even though it is still random.)

I know, and it’s much easier for them to just check the coding on that unique trait. If I need to record and look back, write all the times it triggered, look if it triggered on some other enemy that had immunity… I will. But I hope I don’t need to :smiley:

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And since I like betting I am gonna make a wild guess here:
Trait was probably once designed and tested as 50-75% chance to freeze the first enemy, but was too weak and easily countered just by putting insulated or impervious troop in front. After that just the percentage was changed but “first enemy part” remained instead of a random one.
Just for fun :smiley:

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I second this. It’s very obvious that it only ever freezes the first enemy.

I thought about this too, but given the number of reports it would be good to see document some information that might help us reproduce it again.

To be clear, if it were that easy I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. :wink: Sometimes things are a little more complicated. Please get back to us regarding Troops when you are ready!


To reproduce:

  1. Select Frost Mage class (traited)
  2. Choose whatever skills except Snap Freeze
  3. Use a team with your hero and 3 traited leprechauns for example for easy and many spell casts
  4. Do explores on Warlord IV so that enemies don’t drop like flies
  5. Notice that only ever the first troop gets frozen.
  6. Also notice that every time you hear the Freeze sound that someone is getting frozen, it will only ever be the first troop.

Just to be clear, in case I decide to test it, do I only need to find 1 example (in a video, say) of it freezing a different troop, or as Fiara mentioned, does it appear to have a small chance of freezing a different one, and not just the first?

As a programmer’s perspective, if 20 freezes occurred and more than half of them locked in the first troop, it’s not a good random number generator.

While levelling my Frostmage to level 76, which is almost 3000 battles, I’m yet to notice a freeze on any other troop than the first (that doesn’t come from the Snap Freeze skill)


Hey folks, we had 2 people testing this after we received the first bug report, while I had multiple results with the first troop being frozen, the other tester got a different troop on their first try.

We both continued testing and were able to frequently have different troops frozen.

I also asked the dev team to check the “random” factor on the back end - it’s definitely random, it’s not weighted, it’s working as intended.

So this is just bad luck sorry!


@Kafka, I was skeptical about this so I just went and played a few PvP matches and took a screenshot every time the frostmage trait procd. Here they are:

Would it be helpful if I gather several hundred of these pictures? Based on my observations over the last few days since reading this thread, this absolutely can’t be bad luck. It is consistent and repeatable. If it’s helpful, I’m playing on Android and have not tested this on my steam account.


Are you sure it isn’t the Snap Freeze talent giving a free freeze to a random enemy at the start of battle? The player’s Frostmage 3rd trait doesn’t behave this way most times.


A few more from the last 10 minutes.

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Some more. Please note that I am not picking and choosing these. These are genuinely every instance of the trait triggering. I recognize that this sample size is small, but if it’s helpful I can gather more.

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There is really no way that can be explained away as bad luck. It doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that those odds are absurdly low, but odds like the 15 shots just posted – assuming they were in a row – are infinitesimally low.

Specifically, the odds of fifteen 25% odds succeeding is something like 9.31e-10, or “one in 1.07 billion.”


I agree that something is up, but it’s not fair to count instances where only one enemy troop remains on the board. It’s necessary for faithful reporting of the data, but it should not enter into calculations about how often the ability hits the various troop slots—there isn’t another target in those cases.

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