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Frequency with Crashes on Android have increased with the past 3 updates

Please do a better job of testing the stability of your patches on mobile.
Prior to 4.9 I rarely ever had Gems of War crash on my Samsung Galaxy S9+.
After 4.9 and 5.0 I noticed crashes more frequently with discord running in the back ground. Fair enough, it’s a memory issue… despite my Samsung S20+ being more powerful than desktop computers when GoW was originally released.
5.1 was just released this week… Today I’ve had 2 crashes… both times nothing but Chrome Mobile was running in the background.

I won’t even touch the issues with my Chromebook that makes it so fragile that if an update runs in the background then the game crashes.

I’ve attempted to work with support on this by submitting a ticket a month ago. I’ve yet to hear a response but I completely understand that tickets are taking longer than usual. That isn’t the point of my feedback.
And though I get that C19 is causing a lot of changes to work…I don’t see why it would cause folks to neglect to test patches on mobile devices. Outside of they just prefer to test on PC or console. :man_shrugging: