Test Gems of War on Google Chromebook

It took forever to get Gems of War actually playable on Google Chromebook and lately we’ve reverted back to the dark ages it seems. As if y’all totally forgot you’re supposed to test/support that platform as well.
I’m experiencing constant daily crashes. Ads that soft crash the game. So this is just happening from just trying to log and watch ads. God only knows that would happen if I actually tried to play matches on the device. If the game can’t run for 50 seconds without having to restart my Chromebook or the app. I can’t imagine trying to play for 5 minutes.

So please do an office pool and throw in money to buy one single Chromebook for the Infinity Plus 2 studio… That way you can see that your builds probably have a better chance of running on a Dreamcast right now than a Google Chromebook.