This is support now 🤦

I’ve been patiently waiting since November 2nd to get to bottom of why Gems of War crashes on multiple devices of mine. It doesn’t happen often. But I foolishly went to support thinking they’d take care of it. I was either told it was my brand new devices fault. Or
…my favorite… They couldn’t spend time on my ticket because I had reported crashes too often. Because every year I get a new phone or tablet. And eventually Gems of War crashes on it. I weirdly think crashes shouldn’t happen. But the support staff literally doesn’t give a shit anymore it seems. Because as I was checking on another ticket. (That I still have hope support does the right thing on.) I noticed my now 3 month old ticket was “solved”. I never received an email back about the ticket. No support staff looked at the most recent crash logs/dump state that they had requested previously. Nothing. Just closed my ticket and moved on.

Good luck with Puzzle Quest 3. Clearly you’ve abandoned GoW and it’s loyal customers/players that have supported you all these years. Way to show how loyal you are to them.


Update 5.3.5 “solved” all game crash issues. Support didn’t feel the need to contact you directly, as it was included in the patch notes.

The fact that my game crashed 4 times in the last 2 hours is completely a figment of my imagination, apparently.