(ps4) i want refund if

seriously, i want refund if you can’t fix the game for ps4… i happily spent over +$300 on this game, putting my free time to only play this game, i even temporary stopped other games 'cus I Love this game since puzzle quest, got it on ps3, ps4 and steam.

the game is bugged, every time i use my special attack the game crashes.
been like that for 3 days, deleted the game and re-download it but still the same…

not gonna wait forever if the dev don’t care about their game on ps4.

mad fan

Is that special attack an attack that causes Burning? Like, maybe an attack from the Salamander troop?

We just released an update for the PS4 version of Gems of War that fixes that issue: Tomorrow's patch brings shorter loading times, fewer crashes

See what you think.

They fixed it recently. I haven’t had the game hard crash since that patch. I think it fixed all the hard crash issues.