Found home thx everyo e

Two peeps looking to join a top 10 guild.
We both will do all 30 GW.
Max seals
300-600k or more depending on guild
300 trophies+

Post here if you want us and what your reqs are and where you are. Willing to go to a guild on the cusp of top 10. Not guild hoppers. Ran our own guilds for last 2 years and gave them to our ults.

Marthos gaurdians may have a spot for you. Req are 500k gold/400 trophies/1500 seal and gw participating. We are 3rd ranked in leaderboard and currently in bracket 2

We can meet those reqs just fine.

Someone asked me what kind of cards we have.
We both have around 6-10 mythics fully traited.
Most legendaries are had and tratied minus the ones added recently.

We both have famine traited. Infernus and war…same.

My main defense is:
War fully traited
Faminr fully traited
Scorpius full traited
Hero bard…fully traited.

Taliasen…i pmed you

I got about 20 pms with numerous questions…
Ill add we ran a guild and got to bracket 9…and we just stopped wanting to deal with weekly recruiting so we left the guilds and started our own from scratch 4 months ago and have just been doing our own thing for 4 months.
We usually are at 1k seals day 1. Have the gold we need to meet reqs day 1. We currently go 30-0 or 29-1 every GW…but only we 6 or 7 of the matches are against lvl 1000 people lol

I am in the same alliance of guilds as Taliesin and I have PMed you too.

Bumpage…i thought we had found a spot to land…but I have no idea now. So our offer still stands…

Contacting you directly.

We landed in a home. Tjx everyone