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Who wants me? I need a home! (closed)

Hi! I’m looking for a guild that can complete a few Legendary Tasks and do 40k seals a week…
I’m also looking for a guild that communicates via Discord, I hate games that there is no social feature…
I can contribute about 2-4mil gold/1500 seals/500-1500 trophies a week…

Message me rank of guild, Discord, and I will give you my invite code! Thanks <3


Order of Bastet would LOVE to have you, darlin!

Alas, I just remembered we’re full and I won’t be looking to open any spaces until at least after Christmas.

However!! I would be very pleased and honored to bring you in the very moment we got an opening!

Still looking? We here at unrepentant are the nesting ground of a top 10 guild! We finish tasks on Monday and do 5-10 legendaries weekly. We are increasing reqs to 500/300/1500 but even with our old reqs we are the 5th most active guild in the game! We have a Facebook group and are currently adding discord to our chat avenues! Guild lvl 370 #30… we are currently sending some of our less active recruits to our sister guild purgatory so you are a perfect fit for our activity level after New Years! Happy gemming

Heroes United one spot avible :wink: