Forums for Each Faction

The Delves thread has become massively unwieldy, with over 1,200 posts covering every faction.

Can I suggest that a new Forum area be created called Delves with sub forums, one for each Faction.

That way if you’re looking for teams or advice for, eg All Seeing Eye, you don’t have to search through hundreds of posts on Mirrored Hall or Fang Moor or City of Thieves or…


A nice suggestion. Now we need a man who will separate the “Delves” thread into factions.


A lot of that could be done by simply searching for the relevant faction name/ abbreviation and then moving all those posts into a new area as one block.

What stinks is there’s a wiki that, in a healthy game, would have this information for you:

But if you check it out, it still says the current version is 4.3.5 and absolutely nobody maintains it.


Also, if you try to look up anything about GoW in a search engine, you get a whole bunch of results, some of which date back several years to obsolete versions of the game.

Even the Forum search brings up a lot of out-of-date posts which are no longer relevant (or even accurate) :frowning: