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Reddit / Official Forum crossover

The subreddit on GoW on www.reddit.com was pathetic, and mainly filled with Guild recruitment threads. In the span of two hours I went from not knowing it existed to now I run the subreddit.

Here is my initial thread there.

My goal is to expand the GoW presence there to a respectful level, while hopefully increasing the number of both Forum and Reddit users.

I believe with a little effort we can help spread the popularity of this game to other markets and increase the number of players, therefore giving the developers more resources to work with to improve and expand this wonderful game


Great initiative. :+1:

Last time I looked at our reddit (well over a year ago), I think there was only about 2 threads.

I like the idea of turning it into a second information hub :+1:


Filled out the sidebar a little bit.

I am open to any and all help to flesh out the subreddit and make it respectable.

Anyone good with CCS and can help make a stylesheet?

Reddit is cancer. And I say this as a reddit user of over 6 years.

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I’ve got some knowledge of CSS, though haven’t used it in a while now. Also haven’t really done any Reddit CSS stuff before, but willing to help and give it a shot if no one else has put a hand up yet.

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I could help out if you need. I’ve never done Reddit CSS but I’ve learned a few things in the process of making my Gems site.


Thanks to @Lyya on starting to make the subreddit look so beautiful!


I think I’ve styled everything “important” now. Let me know if there are elements I left out.

You hit all the major elements, and even a few of the minor ones. I’m just happy it isn’t blank and a huge wall of white space anymore.

You can add/remove anything you want over time, I don’t claim ownership and I assigned “All Permissions” to you, so you are on equal terms Mod-wise :thumbsup: