Could there be a website that includes anything related to GoW?

So I’m guessing all these Gems of War sites are not connected?


The community page-
Feature Requests and Game feedback - Gems of War | Forums

My brain hurts :massage_man:t2:

Couldn’t someone make a website that have tabs,
{& each of the tabs takes you to the sites.}

It’s been done before, for other things.
That’s not gow lol

Could maybe even add Gray’s bot site, Gemólogica and the GoW community discord on it?

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That should work. I don’t have the community discord link. Also open to others to be added. I don’t know who was in charge / making GoW - TnT I don’t know if it will be update with geomancer class or not.

You can also use the following commands if you are on discord to get all the available tools/sites and communities via the Garyatrics bot