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Delve - Potential Change


I was thinking about delve and the colour restrictions and how difficult it is and was wondering about a possible change.

The feature would have to cost in game currency/something, but that’s a by product of the F2P system.

A substitute.

So we get them everywhere in sports and stuff, you don’t need me to explain what one is.

I was thinking in GOW Delve, with the system as is, why not have the chance to call for aid once per delve attempt. You could restrict it to 1 troop maximum, as two might be too much and maybe have it have the same restrictions as when starting delves.

An example could be something like after losing one troop, in your next fight you could call a sub in, not the same troop, but another option from the pool available. The cost could be say 10 gems or be scaled by level, so Mythic type subs cost xx and common subs could cost less etc.

I know it’s a gem thing, but maybe this might add a bit of intrigue to the delves, give you a fairer chance maybe, but at a cost. It could replace the 50 gem cost on hero changing and make the playerbase a bit happier at the same time.

Anyway, it’s just a different view. The idea could be expanded to a sub buy in - shopwise. Again I know we hate surrendering gems with so many sinks, but that could be a potential scenario and at least you have the option yes or no to choosing subs. At least this could help with frustration with the enemies being incredibly tough or even ridiculous, but you could in theory employ a strategy that includes your sub decision, even losing a troop could become part of that.

For example, to win faction, you may be allowed a sub, anyone and it will count. I don’t think 1 sub is out of whack, as the AI is tough, 1 sub might make you even more frustrated, but if it’s a choice, it’s your choice.

If I have missed this idea and it was mentioned elsewhere - apologies. I was just thinking about chest contents not improving for progress, other than volume, but you can get a L9 chest on a l20 run and l500 run. Maybe this could assist. I would prefer the cost to not be gems ofc.