Forcing controller style menus on PC players is a giant step backward

I try to be calm about client changes, but this is amazingly bad. I play on a PC because I can use a mouse.

This filter dialog:

is an abomination of UI design. It’s 10x harder to use than the old interface.

Did no one hear the complaints about the banner chooser in the old version? Forcing people to click through a list of choices of unknown length is just unacceptable, and this dialog is 7 of those. It’s so bad I’ve gone to editing my teams on mobile, and I hate mobile.


Agree with this 100%. Love most of the new PC features, but this search interface is horrible for PC.


Couldnt agree more


Agree 110% on this.

It would be nice if you could click the option at the bottom of the troop screen and get a menu popup to allow you to change the filters right there. This filter situation is badly in need of overhaul.


My favorite is the “Trait” filter. Go ahead, start clicking. How many freaking choices is that?


@Jeff preach on brotha!


I’m not even sure why that bottom box has two rows. I mean come on:

Show owned.

Oh, I would have never figured that out without the column header.

It should be one row, and it should only show the “titles” if no choice has yet been made. So something like:

[ text box ] Owned Name(A-Z) All_Spells :large_blue_circle: All_Kingdoms All_Types All_Traits

(what’s the code for a rainbow wheel instead of a single color?)
And clicking anything but the text box should get you a real menu.

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I play on console and I agree 100%. It was bad before and this update made it worse, even on console. They remapped the buttons so that the intuitive button (X) does nothing and you have to press a non-intuitive button (triangle) to apply a filter.


Yeah, on the X1 after almost two years of using ‘A’ now it does nothing… I keep trying though :grinning:. Instead of the new button ‘Y’.

Improvements to this entire screen would be welcome.

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Heh. We shouldn’t even go back to the old version. I vote old version plus have Banners in a drop-down as well, curse these infernal arrows!


It’s just awful sorry but I’m upset with it after playing for the day

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God, that’d be wonderful.

I’d like if it gave a proper pop-up displaying 3-5 options per row instead of just being one long list like before. Especially for the new trait option. That should display at least seven traits per row.

And, obviously, bringing back some of the ‘Show’ options like Amount, etc, would be appreciated.

In the mean time, I’m going to be using the ‘Keyword’ filter a lot.


This is the worst design.

Sure, sometimes your UI needs work, but who burns it down and makes it 5x worse?


If this is how the console is, and they just didn’t have time to fix it, but it’s on their agenda, it’s barely acceptable. If no one thought “this is crap” then that’s the real worry.


I for one think its absolute crapola.

Agree with all of this. I suspect (hope) further changes will come. PC probably got dumped with the existing console design as part of the Unity port.


agree with the OP 100%

bring back the clickable popup list, not this

at least make it selectablewith a mouse, and show at least a bit of them?

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I think it is clear that none of the developer team played Skyrim on PC. Or if they did, they’ve selectively edited their memories to remove how awful the default (console-oriented) UI was to navigate with a keyboard and mouse.

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The keyword filter lost its regex capabilities too, for example before I could use to designate the end of line, so centaur would get me all centaurs but NOT troops that mentioned them in their spell (like Atlanta). And since the “by type” is bloody useless having scores of types to cycle through, it’s quite annoying


I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw the UI then lost my lunch when I had to type in a 2nd screen (pop) to find a troop then it gave me results and I had to back to a pop up screen to realize I typed in the incorrect name or to adjust something.

Go back to what we had with some minor adjustments like what are mentioned in this thread. Did anyone even test this out on a PC? I seriously spent 2 minutes clicking on the text below before I figured out that did nothing and there is a tiny “FILTER” button on the top.

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