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Please give us an option to revert UI back

This game was always beautiful, even through the last major patch which changed things a little for better and somewhat more for worse (imho).
I made so many comments on Steam forums and it seems that nobody cares, we made a thread, vast majority hates it beyond coping with it.
Don’t wanna repeat my points over and over and I feel that we all agree on the most of them.
Just let us have the old UI, do not ruin a game for us, please.


They already replied on their facebook page that they are not reverting back to the old UI.

TBH, I don’t think the old UI cuts it anymore either in this day and age.

So lets hope they do listen to the players, and at least change the new UI to a more fantasy look.
Unfortunately, past experiences tell us that the likelihood of this happening is [insert Larry David here] pretty… pretty… pretty… pretty… slim.

I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, I haven’t even seen the new UI (they haven’t forced it on iPhone players yet).

Just curious about this:

I don’t think the old UI cuts it anymore either in this day and age

Are you saying that the old UI used to be great and that now it’s just dated?
The game is only 3 years old!
Have we reached such a level of decadence that computer games need cosmetic reboots every year or two?
"I can’t even play GoW anymore, that UI is so 2014!"
Oi gevalt! :dizzy_face:

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Well… the UI never used to be great at all, because it was riddled with really bad UI decisions, which made you move your mouse around like a mad man. Even the new UI still does this, for example the new kingdom interface provides you with 4 columns (quest, challenges, etc). But to play a quest, you can’t just click the column, no, you have to move all the way to the bottom of it and click the button.
Also, the chat icon keeps moving around from top left to top right to top middle.
They really should hire a proper UI designer, and clean all that up.

But I doubt that’s what you meant :slight_smile:
And no, I do not think it got dated looking in 3 years. Imo, it always had a retro-ish look to it. With some elements looking better (cards) then others (big brown bars above and below playfield.

And I had no problem playing it with the old look, it was nice.

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