Are PC users able to scroll fast to the end of a list?


On Xbox (and probably PS4 too), the UI is awful for that. On hero menu, inventory menu, we cant go directly to the end of the 61 (!!) items by a simple click “up” or “RT” but we need to scroll through all 61 items! Same prob on troop filter: I want to select Zul Khari kingdom? I must scroll through all kingdom when a simple click “up” or with “RT” should allow me to go directly there. Same for the teams slots.
I am begining to think that this issue dont exist in PC, which would explain why nothing is done on Xbox. Because let me be clear: This feature is found on any video games since more than 20 years! You cant imagine more basic feature than that! To see its still missing here on Xbox, update after update is impossible to understand. Are the devs even playing this game on Xbox?
Also as a side note about troop filter, I would like to see a way to cancel only one filter and not all like it was possible before new UI update. (X button is not used in this troop filter and would be perfect for this task)


Well, on PC/Mobile the Hero menu is navigable via mousewheel and flick gestures, which makes it a lot easier to traverse than it presumably is via controller dpad keys.


Thank you for your answer. Thats what I was suspecting!
If PC players had to endure what we on consoles endure, a fix/improvement would have been implemented long ago.
That makes me enrage because the controller have all it is required for greatly improving that: like a press on RT bring the player directly to the end of the list or simply pressing UP.
This really shows how consoles players are considered. But I already knew that.


We asked about this on the dev Q&A stream a month or two ago and Sirrian said that it was a good idea, he could see why it was an issue for console and that they would put it on the list. So maybe in 3.4? I think it is time for a QOL update - we have enough new content to hold us for a while.


Ok lets cross fingers. But nothing will make me change my mind: we, consoles players are treated as 2nd rank players by the devs. But they forgot we are not only players, we are also customers.
If they actually played, even just a little, on consoles, they would have realized that basic problem long ago.


Yes and no. They worked hard to get us caught up on content and are holding all new releases until everything can be released on all platforms simultaneously. They’ve also made compromises (that is, downgrades) to the PC/Mobile interface to have something that is the same on all platforms. The troop filter is a mess for everyone.


Yeah its too bad about the troop filter because the one we had before was working great! All they had to do was keeping this filter and adding the option to select several mana colours simultaneously (which I recognize is a great feature).


It was pretty good except for the search by trait and spell functions. Having to manually scroll through over 100 options was horrible. You could at least jump to the end of that list, but “necromancy” was a long scroll either way. The text filter is an improvement in some ways, but overall, that change was a step backwards for us and a HUGE step backwards for PC.


Is would be nice to be able to hit the trigger buttons for a fast scroll to the bottom. Especially opening 200 Keys. Ugh.


Agreed. That is a feature they need to add everywhere there is a list.


I asked about this over 6 months ago. After they completely gutted 2 years of filter improvements on console. I’m sure its Great on mobile/pc. The amusing thing is the CODE IS ALREADY DONE. Zero development is necessary!!! Just find it.

They striped out half a dozen quality of life functions to put in the super big mobile friendly limited version.

I’m liking and commenting this old topic so the Developers actually plug in their console at the office. Step 2 for the future is to get it turned on, step three is to launch Gems. Step 4… (etc)

Even when they pop up on console chat it’s from a PC.


I hope they will add a trigger button for a fast scroll on mobile too!