3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

Pre 3.05 I had little issue swapping back and forth between Steam and Ipad as long as I restarted the game each time I played, and I did that in this case and this happened. Is there something I can do to prevent this in the future?

Morning everyone. I have just gone through this thread and updated the first post with more known issues. Please take the time to read the issues I have put up there. If the issue or bug has already been mentioned we are looking into it.

In regards to the game crashing, this is something you will need to contact support about. It is recommended that you update all of your drivers, as some players have found that out of date drivers have caused their game to crash. I have also included in the first post a link to the minimum requirements needed to smoothly run Unity. If your game is taking up a huge amount of RAM (anything above 1gb) please also contact support so they can help you further. We have found that the game generally runs around 560 mg, so if it is taking significantly more there may be an underlying problem we can assist you with.

If your game is encountering crashes even when your drivers are up to date and you meet the Unity requirements please contact support. They are equipped to help you further and will do their best to get the game up and running for you as quickly as possible. Please be aware that there has been an influx of tickets, so a response may take up to 48 hours. Our team is doing their best to work through tickets as quickly as possible, so please be patient with them while they do their best to assist you.

As this is a known issues thread please don’t post excessively about the UI. I am happy to make a new thread where you can propose changes and air your greivances. It’s best that we keep this thread on the topic of bugs and issues so that it is easy to track and keep updated for everyone.


Spoils of War doesn’t appear to be working in the shop.
Not sure if it’s just me.
Can anyone confirm?

Confirmed. Doesn’t work. Shows no rewards and attempting to purchase sends you into an error loop which you have to restart to clear.

I posted something non specific about this while on the train today. Please do make one for ‘positive’ constructive suggestions particularly about the improving Troops UI across all platforms. If the developers will seriously consider them its worth the effort.

I think the community can handle the airing grievances all by itself. :wink:

While this may not qualify as a bug, the new Troop Search Filter UI is a significant issue.

Please read more about this here. This is a huge step backward, so please assure PC fans the filter will be updated asap.



I agree that this needs to be addressed as the most significant problem with this Unity build.


In the guild roster, the filter by name doesn’t work.
I don’t think I have seen that in the list.

I’m missing pretty much everything I reported… lol…

Hence, I’m not gonna make a thread about what’s all wrong about the troops screen, as that will most likely get the same treatment…

For the record:

  • General: Window position is not saved on Windows 10 (and I’m assuming all versions).
  • Kingdom: Number of troops no longer shows on a kingdom’s power screen.
  • In game: Not all cards show all appropriate gem colors (for example krystenax): easier to just always show gem summary
  • Toops screen: If you search on a condition that gives exactly 10 cards (for example search on beast with blue mane selected), you still see a down arrow in the bottom right corner.


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I dont know if some1 is following steam forum so i wrte it here.
After todays update i can start the game, yay. But its stretched like 1000x times or sth like that. I see only one or two colors at one time on the screen. I can click sth but i dont know what. The cursor is ok. It was mentioned yeasterday by few users. So im still waiting for the solution.

Ogryn is missing the gem counter for his conditional spell:


Anyone else feel like the game is in perma bonestorm now?
Skulls seem to drop in more often than they used to, not saying i dislike it, i’d just like to have some confirmation on whether the drop ins have been changed deliberately in any way or if this is just part of unity drop in magic.

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I have added which of these are important bugs to the list and passed the more minor ones on to the appropriate team members. As having a bottom arrow in the bottom corner when searching for something with exactly 10 results isn’t game breaking I haven’t included it in the list even though I’ve informed the team.

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We’ve heard a lot about this change and are looking into it. However, it won’t be added to the known issues thread as it’s not relevant.

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There are no more info about bonus for having N troops of same kind/kingdom in the troops card.

not sure is this a bug (or does it still apply) but yesterday, on steam:
resizing gow window doesnt make it automatically scale in the correct proportions (basically i get unwanted black walls on the sides depending how i resize it)

ill check does it still act that way today after work, and provide some screen shot

As of Wednesday morning’s update, the last activity sort item is back in the Guild roster sort menu, which is good. Unfortunately, while the players are ordered by their last activity, you aren’t told when that last activity was. In 3.0 the player’s rank was replaced by when their last activity was. Now, their rank is still shown. Asking for last activity should tell you when the last activity was!


i still cant load the game, i use to crash around 80% loading now i crash as soon as it tries to load. but thats hopefully in the process of being fixed, what im here for is difference in pc vs mobile.

ive seen gameplay of pc on youtube and all the updates are active, chat, troops, and so on. but my dad showed me his game after update and the only thing that changed was the troop adjustments (i.e. famine increased mana cost and changed jinx trait to cursed). also he can access guild wars via guild button, without going thru the statues page.

is this a bug or is this what mobile is suppose to be like?

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I’m seeing severely degraded performance with the Android client, both an older phone (Oneplus One) and newer tablet.

The game is nearly unplayable: animations pause for 1.0-1.5 seconds every 4 seconds or so. Particularly when the enemy turn is finishing before reverting control back to me.

In the nature of ‘minor but known bugs’ guild task mail is still sending out the wrong names on task completion. It always shows your name instead of the person who actually completed it. I’ve lost all hope it will actually get fixed so we can know who is donating to the wrong tasks, at this point I’m just embarrassed the message hasn’t been changed to remove the malfunctioning variable.