3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

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NowayJoe2Go’s Issues:

I submitted a ticket for my first issue already, but since my Guild now has a more pressing Guild Wars issue, I will simply post them both here.

Issue 1: VIP Team slots are not unlocking for me. On iPad / iPhone, I gained a level and extra Team slots did not unlock correctly. Then I purchased a $5 Gems pack from the game on itunes and they still did not unlock.

UPDATE: Although this did not work correctly for me on iTunes as stated above. I was able to level up again on PC and the extra Team slots did unlock. :smiley:

Issue 2: How are GW Team Total Battles being calculated on the Results screen? DruidsGlade is in Guild Wars with Hoguns today. Our GW Battle total says: 147 / 150 But the Individual Player Totals says 138 / 150: I’ve spoken with our Guild, and the Totals are inflated and incorrect. IE, we have not played the battles. In talking with other Guild Leaders, I understand others are also having this issue. Why does the Battle Screen say more GW matches are completed versus Reality?

UPDATE: It looks like this is a math error on the Team Totals screen. However, I have not checked the math to confirm the total scores are correct.


That’s really unfortunate, as the Mail check used to work. Perhaps 3.05 just broke it across all platforms then.

I’ve only been suspicious for the last couple days, so I’m not 100% certain of what is going on yet.

On 3.0, there were definitely times I would check my watch, know it was an hour, ping the server and nothing. Then 30 seconds or a minute later, it would appear. Or I would see the 6 gem loading thing appear on the main map (which usually signalled that my tribute icon was about to pop), but even if I pinged the server, it wouldn’t come up. After a few minutes, it would appear. Something seems to be worse now.

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Given that I have been watching this all day in the background, here’s what I have noticed;

The indicator does not go off
Selecting anything that communicates with the server - then the indicator goes off FAST.

PVP - same thing for defense

Mail - same thing

The other thing is keeping it open between 3 and 4 hours - it hangs and does nothing. Trying to also close it - Windows steps in and says the program is not responding …

This too is a change to 3.05.

More so I have been watching my memory grow and grow and grow to now 2,004,920k and a cpu constant usage of 8% in idle mode.

Going into the different screens (guild,pvp,troop) is causing 10,000k mem grown and no garbage collection I can tell of. I actually haven’t had this much fun debugging a problem since I left my job in enterprise cloud systems.


So your saying the age old work around I posted above by checking the Mail still works, provided the game hasn’t been running for 3+ hours?

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As far as I can tell

At the 3-4 hour mark - selecting anything does not respond. I’ve given up for the day and going to play on the phone while it is still the old style

I have a very strange use case issue:

On ipad3 GoW- I played 4 of my GW battles and won each of them. On my last one, I set the game down after getting the victory screen but didn’t click through to the next screen afterwards due to getting a call.

Later in the day, I’m in the office, I boot up STEAM on Windows 7 and go into Guild Wars and notice I have to fight the fourth battle again. Well, no worries, I have 2 tokens so I go to fight it.

I win the battle and it drops me back to the screen showing me with zero tokens and having taken a loss from the 4th battle as well as a win from the 4th battle.

So I think what happened is that the ipad didn’t register the win and the Steam version didn’t register the battle until I fought it. I’m not sure what else could have happened. When does the game communicate to the server? Doesn’t it do so before I get to the ‘win’ screen?

It communicates with the server after the win screen, when you get the loading gems and it goes back to the GW screen. At least that’s how I understand it.

Pre 3.05 I had little issue swapping back and forth between Steam and Ipad as long as I restarted the game each time I played, and I did that in this case and this happened. Is there something I can do to prevent this in the future?

Morning everyone. I have just gone through this thread and updated the first post with more known issues. Please take the time to read the issues I have put up there. If the issue or bug has already been mentioned we are looking into it.

In regards to the game crashing, this is something you will need to contact support about. It is recommended that you update all of your drivers, as some players have found that out of date drivers have caused their game to crash. I have also included in the first post a link to the minimum requirements needed to smoothly run Unity. If your game is taking up a huge amount of RAM (anything above 1gb) please also contact support so they can help you further. We have found that the game generally runs around 560 mg, so if it is taking significantly more there may be an underlying problem we can assist you with.

If your game is encountering crashes even when your drivers are up to date and you meet the Unity requirements please contact support. They are equipped to help you further and will do their best to get the game up and running for you as quickly as possible. Please be aware that there has been an influx of tickets, so a response may take up to 48 hours. Our team is doing their best to work through tickets as quickly as possible, so please be patient with them while they do their best to assist you.

As this is a known issues thread please don’t post excessively about the UI. I am happy to make a new thread where you can propose changes and air your greivances. It’s best that we keep this thread on the topic of bugs and issues so that it is easy to track and keep updated for everyone.


Spoils of War doesn’t appear to be working in the shop.
Not sure if it’s just me.
Can anyone confirm?

Confirmed. Doesn’t work. Shows no rewards and attempting to purchase sends you into an error loop which you have to restart to clear.

I posted something non specific about this while on the train today. Please do make one for ‘positive’ constructive suggestions particularly about the improving Troops UI across all platforms. If the developers will seriously consider them its worth the effort.

I think the community can handle the airing grievances all by itself. :wink:

While this may not qualify as a bug, the new Troop Search Filter UI is a significant issue.

Please read more about this here. This is a huge step backward, so please assure PC fans the filter will be updated asap.



I agree that this needs to be addressed as the most significant problem with this Unity build.


In the guild roster, the filter by name doesn’t work.
I don’t think I have seen that in the list.

I’m missing pretty much everything I reported… lol…

Hence, I’m not gonna make a thread about what’s all wrong about the troops screen, as that will most likely get the same treatment…

For the record:

  • General: Window position is not saved on Windows 10 (and I’m assuming all versions).
  • Kingdom: Number of troops no longer shows on a kingdom’s power screen.
  • In game: Not all cards show all appropriate gem colors (for example krystenax): easier to just always show gem summary
  • Toops screen: If you search on a condition that gives exactly 10 cards (for example search on beast with blue mane selected), you still see a down arrow in the bottom right corner.


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I dont know if some1 is following steam forum so i wrte it here.
After todays update i can start the game, yay. But its stretched like 1000x times or sth like that. I see only one or two colors at one time on the screen. I can click sth but i dont know what. The cursor is ok. It was mentioned yeasterday by few users. So im still waiting for the solution.

Ogryn is missing the gem counter for his conditional spell:


Anyone else feel like the game is in perma bonestorm now?
Skulls seem to drop in more often than they used to, not saying i dislike it, i’d just like to have some confirmation on whether the drop ins have been changed deliberately in any way or if this is just part of unity drop in magic.

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