3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

I have added which of these are important bugs to the list and passed the more minor ones on to the appropriate team members. As having a bottom arrow in the bottom corner when searching for something with exactly 10 results isn’t game breaking I haven’t included it in the list even though I’ve informed the team.

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We’ve heard a lot about this change and are looking into it. However, it won’t be added to the known issues thread as it’s not relevant.

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There are no more info about bonus for having N troops of same kind/kingdom in the troops card.

not sure is this a bug (or does it still apply) but yesterday, on steam:
resizing gow window doesnt make it automatically scale in the correct proportions (basically i get unwanted black walls on the sides depending how i resize it)

ill check does it still act that way today after work, and provide some screen shot

As of Wednesday morning’s update, the last activity sort item is back in the Guild roster sort menu, which is good. Unfortunately, while the players are ordered by their last activity, you aren’t told when that last activity was. In 3.0 the player’s rank was replaced by when their last activity was. Now, their rank is still shown. Asking for last activity should tell you when the last activity was!


i still cant load the game, i use to crash around 80% loading now i crash as soon as it tries to load. but thats hopefully in the process of being fixed, what im here for is difference in pc vs mobile.

ive seen gameplay of pc on youtube and all the updates are active, chat, troops, and so on. but my dad showed me his game after update and the only thing that changed was the troop adjustments (i.e. famine increased mana cost and changed jinx trait to cursed). also he can access guild wars via guild button, without going thru the statues page.

is this a bug or is this what mobile is suppose to be like?

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I’m seeing severely degraded performance with the Android client, both an older phone (Oneplus One) and newer tablet.

The game is nearly unplayable: animations pause for 1.0-1.5 seconds every 4 seconds or so. Particularly when the enemy turn is finishing before reverting control back to me.

In the nature of ‘minor but known bugs’ guild task mail is still sending out the wrong names on task completion. It always shows your name instead of the person who actually completed it. I’ve lost all hope it will actually get fixed so we can know who is donating to the wrong tasks, at this point I’m just embarrassed the message hasn’t been changed to remove the malfunctioning variable.

Mobile is not yet on Unity, so it looks almost identical to what it was.

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PROBLEM: PC GAME SHOWS PS4 CONTROLS (and you can’t play)

SOLUTION: Unplug any game controllers plugged into your PC system, restart game. (WALLAH back to keyboard and mouse functionality)

You’re welcome :wink:

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Working on these two for reproducible steps

1: Unable to change the screen resolution size now through the selector

I was able to yesterday before the update patch came out for the DirectX issue.

Now, the only two ways - is Full screen option or resizing it through the sides of the app.

Restarting the application - re-selecting full screen - then the selecting a resolution with the arrow re-starts that.

  1. And Full screen has a weird bug that I need to figure the steps for where turning it off - and on - the apply does not activate

Lapina race is missing on pc version when selecting her in race, but i can change to lapina race on android and the setting of hero appear on pc. But if change race again the lapina disappears again.

PC, Win 10. Can’t set announcement. It tells me “No Profanity & Only 40 Chars” but my announcement is exactly 40 chars and definitely no profanity!

Because he wasn’t OP enough, already? Holy crap.


Our guild admins need this, please!

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Really annoying. Shows GL name every time!

global chat isn’t working anymore. I know there are people there, but my chat box is mostly empty. No, I have not blocked everyone and yes I am in global 001. Also, my scroll feature on my laptop’s touch pad still doesn’t scroll the chat.

I played on my desktop today and I don’t know if this is a bug. But I found an ridiculous increase in extra turns for the AI and not for my part. No, I’m not saying the AI is cheating. But In my GoW time I’ve only lost 2 times. Now with this new update I’ve lost 2 times extra. I couldn’t get the gems I needed and it was just an agony to play and see gems fall ‘rightly’ for the AI with extra turn after turn, skull matches after skull matches.

EDIT: This happened to me every game. Before the update I didn’t have this problem. So yeah, one would notice a difference.

Hi, it’s way too busy for me. I can not keep track of what’s happening right now. I even get a headache of it.

Also at the end of the game the stuff blows up in my face.

I do not understand why they make such a small easy game so big and unreachable for your players, with all the bugs they have.

This is what is happening when i say chat isn’t working anymore. the conversation in the pop ups isn’t showing up in the chat box.