3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

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I think the names got changed when Google or Apple had some issues with personal information. While I never saw it being said that this was one of the changes required for the patch to be accepted, it appeared at the same time.

Here is the thread around the time it happened:

I’m going to guess that Khorvash and Kraken are covered by Saltypatra’s “Troop spell order” entry in the first post. I.e., a known issue the devs are looking into. It may take some time, though, because this update is looking like Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas.


I just had the same (*)thing happen when trying to go from full screen to not and back. You could click full screen but the apply would stay grey

Do you remember the name of the Guild that had this issue?

My PVP defense team is not being saved. It always reverts to my first team. Yes, I’m trying to use a team with 4 troops.

EDIT: No, I wasn’t editing my attack team from PVP menu. Yes, I was fighting after changing the team, before leaving the game. But even before quitting, after 1 fight, my team reverted to the previous one. It seems to have saved properly now that I’ve used the option to test my defense.

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  1. Since the update - it seems that connecting to guild, guild wars, and the actual pvp battle are all taking much longer than before. i was used to about 3 of the bars time to pass now its taking 6 or 7 consistently no matter what time i play.

  2. sometimes to cast a spell i have to click it 2 or 3 times.


What’s happening here is that the pop ups are lagging severely behind. Had that happen to me too, the chat box is showing the current conversation, the pop ups are several thousand messages behind, spamming your screen with old messages while never really catching up. If you could scroll the chat box a few hours back you’d find those messages.

I have 2 things to ask.

  1. Since the update, now that the game runs again here, whenever I use the ability of Sir Gwayne, after the new troops are summoned, a sad smiley comes and says No Target Available. Is this because Sir Gwayne wants to summon 3 troops, but there are usually only 2 spots? His ability doesn’t state that he targets anything.

  2. It would be really nice if one could disable the animation of the spells and mana. Not that I dislike them, just it would free up some memory, because now the game is a little bit slow here. It’s not a big deal, just saying.

Thank you for the updates, I’m happy to play again! :grinning:

@saltypatra I don’t think it was reported here yet, but major issue:
Difficulty setting is applied to GW, see:

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Why is the thread about the PS4 competition pinned and not this one?

Maybe to add more positivity to the ‘default’ forum
not everyone has to be interested in bugs also it doesnt cover all platforms
plus the way pinning works it wont show the thread on top for the actually interested ppl once they read it

edit: but i could agree about the patch notes

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Yes. It is maybe a question of positivity.
It seems to me than pinning the patch notes and known issues thread for both PC/mobile and consoles would be a lot more useful and would interest many more people.


I hope the troop refunds will be fixed/available soon. Any news on this?


It was Tigerclaw. Last I saw they were at 158/150 several hours before reset on Tues.


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Anyone see anything like this… Have yet to summon IK to see if it happens or if its just some strange text occurrence

Edit- on PC

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I think it will just be capped out at level 20 or whatever level you have (whichever is higher). We’ve been seeing that kind of thing on console for a long time.

If only :wink:


Registering a device (mobile game on android) is not possible as the email is never received. It is not in the spam or any other boxes

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If only summoned troops got like a 1% boost for every magic above 20.

So Rasper’s revenant would get an extra 17% stat boost.