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For the Fallout Retro Fans.... and free game lovers

Fallout: A Post Nuclear RPG is on sale for free until Sept. 30th on Steam. It’s pretty retro but still a fun play for Fallout fans.


Thanks. Best Fallout ever :stuck_out_tongue: .


Thanks! :smiley:

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Lies! 2 is clearly better, and the best!

OMG! I am DLing immediately!!!
This game was amazing!
And absolutely mind blowing at how the game truly changed depending on character stats!

Funny Anecdote:
I created a character with an Intelligence of 1, just to see how much easier/harder the game would be. When I finally made it to the first interaction my only option was “Wubba!”.
Now that was funny, BUT… despite the challenge of literally a complete inability to communicate, I played through and at a certain point, I couldn’t tell you where my Intelligence 1 character was asked a scientific question as part of the storyline and again my only option:

Was a WALL of highly technical, educated, scientific jargon it was at least 5-6 lines of text followed by and I quote: “… I mean… Wubba…”

I literally laughed so hard I cried! :joy:


Wait… this Thread was buried… I missed the sale… :sob:


Sorry to hear that, efh. :frowning_face: It was a pretty short sale.

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Jno joke… On the bright side, I already own it… lol…
I forgot that I bought the Mini-Nuke collector’s addition and it downloaded them all to my Steam account! :joy:

That is a great collection btw, it comes in a collectable Mini-Nuke!!! :astonished:

Need I say more?!

Edit: Visual Proof



Both are great, but I prefer the 1st one because:

  • scenario is better
  • final boss was epic (love to kill him with speech only :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • 1st one that I did

I think they learned a lot from the first one and perfected it in 2. Bigger more diverse world with more characters and storylines. I also like that it has a little humor to it.

This my favourite game. Was so disappointed when Interplay goes under and bust. Then Bethesda buy license and make pretend Fallout 4. I was so happy to finally see Interplay now called inExile and release Wasteland 2.

You need to replay Fallout, there is humor everywhere! Particularly if create a brick of a tank! See my anecdote above… :wink:

Hmmm… Fallout? Never heard of it.