Positive Post Because ... Karma

Like a few other forum goers, I have made a wiseacre comment or two, here and there, that might be interpreted as a bit querulous or even a touch on the grouchy side.

I know that Karma is heading my way and it is pissed. So allow me to share a brief positive anecdote.

Unlike some of the more forward thinking players on the forum, I did not store up resources for the latest and greatest changes to Gems of War. I do not have a single Mythic card in my second-rate, second-class, menial and mediocre arsenal.

In utter despondency and abject dejection, I said to myself: “you should just cut back on Gems of War and try to get your job back with Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

But then …

It happened …

Did I get a Mythic? Oh Hades no, don’t be ridiculous. I kick myself every day for not storing up cards like the history channel bones up on ancient aliens.

But! I did obtain all three trait upgrades for a member of one of my beloved, most used teams. Well! Well! I was as happy as a clam … maybe even as happy as a Bone Dragon Flesh Stripper shopping for pasties. Kitting out that card was just plain fun and I love using it.

But wait! I know that some of the forum stoners (aka Broken Spire Giants) are going to be like, “Duuuude, dial it back a bit, stop being so flipping bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Find something to witch about like… um… dudes, why we can’t we get nude mods like in Fallout 4? And hey Bro, use your loaf and order us a pizza.”

That is okay, I just had to share anyway.

Being positive? It’s a thankless job, but I’ve got a lot of Karma to burn off. And right now I think it is carrying a cactus.

While I am rolling, one other positive note. In the past, I confess that I really did not enjoy opening chests. I had all the cards and it just seemed like a chore. Despise me if you must.

But now, with the new changes, I look forward to opening chests. Now, whenever I open a chest, I get this kind of flutter in my chest… er… not the chest I am opening, my chest … um … you know, like a chest spasm or a breast-pang? Flutter, flutter… what will this chest contain?

Anyway, opening chests now gives me the same feeling I get when my young, pretty wife looks at me with her big brown eyes or when she hugs me with her … large set of … brown eyes.

Even better than that–it is like the feeling I get when given a coupon for a free order of fries with the purchase of any supersized meal: ah, contentment and happiness, without that carb-heavy bloated feeling.

There … I’m done … Karma-- come at me bro.


Haha, I had a bad past couple of hours. This post definitely helped brighten my spirit. :grinning: