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There's too much positivity on this forum

Because essentially if you complain about a good thing or a bad thing. You’re putting negative energy out and shouldn’t therefore be surprised if negative energy is received back.

To catch you up on the past 5-6 years of GoW… Patch gets released… Fixes some issues, breaks other things… Those who enjoy the patch want folks to focus on the positive. Those who expect a game that works right focus on the negative.

Best way to make everyone happy? Release a patch that fixes everything and breaks nothing. Until that unicorn happens… It’s not your peers fault that they love a broken game. 🤷


You know there’s also a thing called consumer law. If you buy something that’s broken, by law the response cannot be “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it”. Any product sold in Australia has to meet reasonable consumer expectations. I realise that’s not the case in other parts of the world, but alas, consumers are somewhat protected from rubbish products by law. So yes, we as consumers have every right to demand a functioning product.


The game doesn’t need a buy though!

You are missing the point. You can spend money on it ergo it needs to be up to consumer standard. Its like saying you have no intention of buying a Lamborghini and hence it doesn’t need to adhere to minimum standards. Someone else might buy it though!


Am not a lawyer, but I have a feeling that law wouldn’t stand up against a Game As A Service, otherwise MMOs and the like would have been sued already. Literally every GaaS has at least one patch that breaks something.

That’s why it is unfortunate it looks like Puzzle Quest 3 is a GaaS as well. I like your older work, IP2, not your newer stuff.

For a moment I thought this would work as a reversed thing, positive post turning negative so negative post turning… Not the way it goes here, it seems. Me and my guild mates like the game a lot! Oh, look, they just fixed the bug that I forgot every morning anyway, jolly good! I’m still not sure if I can wait for vault weekend if I find the last missing verse, palooza is such a great addition to the game! Can I have ice-cream for breakfast? Sure thing, no ones stopping me, life is great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh my, they have been giving us deeds every day this week in daily adventures, isn’t that just what most of us needed? I must have missed the Wuppiduu posts about the subject, So thank you for the deeds devs!!