Whatever/whichever changes the Devs makes there will ALWAYS be negativity

And I am so sick of it, because not all changes are bad.


The relationship between users and development has been wrecked over many years. I have not been long enough in the community parts of the game to know, when and how it started. Think of a maried couple, who build a second main door into their house, just so that they don’t need to accidentially meet each other, and let all communications run remotely through the kids.

We expect the worst from development, they expect the worst from us, and most likely both sides are right. Too dependant on each other for a divorce, but there’s always that flicker of hope, that the other finally dies without evidence of poison.


You’ll notice this trend on live service games with lots of microtransactions/etc. Often there are many unpopular choices made by whomever is in charge for the sole sake of profit or ego, which in turn angers most players since it makes the game more frustrating and diminishes fun overall. Players then go to the few outlets they have to express said frustration and what we have on this forum is the end result.

It’s true some people will just whine about anything and you absolutely can’t please everyone. However, I truly believe if these types of games weren’t driven almost entirely by predatory monetary practices and instead by making the game as fun as it can be, there wouldn’t be so much ire. Monetization in games have changed significantly in the past decade and not in a consumer friendly way.


Well, I really liked the merchant system.

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The merchant system also came with devils/genies and idk if anyone likes those even when they dont offer you a bum deal lol


It’s the one step forward and then the two steps backward thing. I could list examples of this but I’m not bothering to. Players have expressed their frustrations a long time ago on how the game is heading long enough (and still doing so). Whatever good I see in this game I’ll enjoy it but it’s the bad that’s mixed with the good that annoys me. Introduce a cool feature and it’s good but in this same cool feature there’s a bad element that could be changed or taken out, but no. :man_shrugging:


While I feel that I could make a book per day if they didn’t appear, I also feel they exist exacly to be the bad luck event, if they made the system deliver only good luck like adding an option to the merchant and angel always give the same “deal”, an option that could cost money, then someone that plays a lot would have several kingdoms level 20 at this point if not all of them.

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You are looking at this in a too binary way. There WILL always be negativity associated with changes, the important part is the amount of negativity. Good changes result in a low amount of negativity. Yes, we’ve had those.


No, not all of them are bad.

But the point is that We, the players, want the game to be successful and enjoyable and, even more importantly, we have a wealth of experienced in playing it for many hours.

So when the Devs make changes without listening to us or testing them to see if they are even playable [cough]Elite Trials[cough], it is unsurprising that there is going to be a lot of negativity.

The question then is whether they learn from this and, regrettably, there have been too many examples of that not happening.


People usually only post when they do not like something. Most players do not use forums at all, and only haul themselves there when dissatisfied. It’s also kinda pointless to sing praises in forums - consent is expressed by playing and spending.

Holy, you make it sound like a toxic, codependent relationship, lmao.

Years ago (I think relating to the 2017 interface change, that I still hate), there was a semi-official statement by a mod, that at any given update, 10% forum feedback being positive hints towards a majority of players being satisfied with the changes.
Within the last year, I think only the new encounter model got above that mark.

I think, the marketing term in gaming circles is “fun and addictive”, but yeah, same thing ultimately.


No. Not all changes are bad but there are some that are simply bad and the problem is they did not fix it even when the players expressed their displeasure.

Example of bad changes, or bad new additions:
Hoard Mimic
Dungeon system
Epic Trial
Gnome -a- Palooza Nerfing
Deep Delve

Example of Great changes:
Campaign new version
Kingdom Pass short version
Angles and Merchants
New ability to Craft new things using Cursed Runes such as Vault keys
Gnome -a- Palooza
Delve Potions new system
Guild Epic Tasks
Dual colored Storms
Ability to upgrade pets with the Orb of Minions
Ability to temper a forge scroll weapon to its next level using the Orb of Forge
Ability to increase a troop elite level with Orb of Glory

Example of bad game mode:
Treasure Map

Requested Improvement for feature but left without changes for a very long time:
Medals for team specific
Daily offers
Obtaining of Deeds and Books
Releasing new contents without proper testing
Missing Images of troops or new content
Increase crafting availability in the Soulforge
Not having staff over the weekend or holidays
Targeting to craft a specific Dragon Boss in the Soulforge
List of troops are not in the drop box

These are some of the things, and I am sure there are many more that I forgot to mention.


Do you mean popular/unpopular or good/bad?

Some of those things listed definetely are subjective. I for disagree with a lot there


Dear friend, this is my opinion. You have the freedom to agree or disagree. What I like doesn’t mean everyone has to like it. I am just expressing my feelings. All the best to everyone.

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I thought i said that lol

I actually think Kingdom Pass and Campaign were better before:
Kingdom Pass: I did not get all the crashers on one day due to a bug, and hence could not get all the rewards although I had the paid for version (I was missing two from the row at them bottom). This is objectively bad, as it means anyone who has to skip a day or more for any reason cannot complete it - when it’s due to bugs, it’s worse. Before, you could skip several days and still finish it.

Campaign: is boring now, and they might as well just send people messages with rewards for playing x amount.

Both of the above could have been changed in a better way. Kingdom Pass - just make more battle crashers pop up and add the counter; Campaign, just let people select the tasks they want to do for the week instead of making them consecutive requiring people to recheck the interface, which seems to have been the issue.

I don’t like the crafting vault keys option, as it involves using resources that are harder to acquire than what you get from vault. Just letting us use treasure maps would have been better.

Talking of them, I don’t actually mind treasure hunt, but even if you play it daily, you have way too many of the stupid things. I hate to think how bad it gets if you use troops/teams that boost the drop rate.

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The list above sounds indeed more like an individual “things I like/dislike” case.
Just to get out of that pattern, I would like to mention the example, that the ability to use gnomeapaloozas, especially during a vault weekend, was and is both popular and objectively bad. Several items, that were supposed to be rare, suddenly were handed out in bulk, if you played a certain optimised style, breaking the balancing and further widening the gap between players who overanalyse the game and those who try to have fun and relax and also delivering an excuse, why the model of vault troop drops does not need to be reworked.
If you took it away now though…


I am also sick of endless negativity on the forums. Sure, the devs make mistakes, that is just a fact.
But the game is still good, still getting content, and still way better with its premium currency than any other gacha.


I agree with you. Crafting vault key should only be with our extra resources such as Treasure maps and I agree should not involve rare items.

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