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People insulting those with grievances?

This is in off topic becasue it has nothing to do with gow. Its another game I play. the developers arent as decent and dont refund “troop” resources when they rebalance the game. A lot of people complained over a balance change, and a huge amount of people have been insulting the people complaining. I dont play many games, and I honestly think its fairly obnoxious. The peopole compleing have been a lot mroe likely to have spent money on the game, I have never seen this attitude here. If you see people complain, surely let them vent and ignore it… Like wtf? Is this just trolling or what?

Fair point. Which is the reason why I’d never spent huge amounts of money for an ever changing game. How could I know where the game is going a week after I spent that money?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it is trolling. Some people get irritated when they see a great deal of complaining, especially if the people are complaining about the same issue over and over. Then, you have another group of people that think developers do no wrong and never want anyone to criticize anything they do.

At the end of the day, no one should try to shut down a conversation on an open forum.


People insult others to reduce their social standing, to mark them as outgroup, to discourage them from interacting, and to discourage people from listening to them. They want to control what is said, so that they can control what others hear, so that they can control what other people do. In the case of game development, it’s about controlling how the developer spends their resources, trying to shift priorities towards what the person cares about.


Some people understand “freedom” as something with “no consequences”, as if others shouldn’t react at all unless in agreement with their cause/idea.

But each coin have another side, each post have an answer, not always meaningful or constructive as we already know…

i think most of the insults comes from annoyance - if players can do nothing about the nerfs then complaining will solve nothing, so not only you need to deal with the nerf (that probably hits you too) but with useless counterproductive complaining as well? -then those who are more allergic can go aggressive, thats my understanding of it

A very erudite post and considered way of looking at it.

But some people are just trolls and insult people just to get a reaction.

Others are just insensitive and don’t realise that their ill-thought remarks could offend others.

We have a bit of all of that here, but thankfully not too much.

We see a lot of complaints here - that’s partly what forums are for. People can air grievances and sometimes devs may listen - or the complainers may get advice that helps them deal with things.

Not all grievances are fair though. We also get our share of hard-done-by morons who don’t understand RNG or otherwise come up with self-serving demands.

My personal favourite was the chap a year or so back who complained that Celestasia was over-powered and posted a video of him playing really badly with a badly designed team, making several tactical and gameplay mistakes, while the AI Celestasia grew and grew… Those ones should rightfully be given a polite notice that their complaints are unjustified (if very amusing)…

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Any chance you got a link to that video you could share? ^^


I get annoyed when people insult or are rude to our nice devs here.

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Depends on the dev, some are really cool and some act like sjw knights, as for ‘insults’, grow skin etc, the alternative afterall is censorship. I honestly have seen little insults on these boards and when i do its self defeating anyway.

this is BRILLIANT. wow!!!

I’ve sunk a lot of money into other games. Two examples, opposite reactions from devs. One game’s forums is completely open with devs taking questions, reacting to player base, putting in things we want, fixing issues, etc. The other posts updates (eg new downloadable content) about their already broken game, and there are MILES of complaints that never get addressed or even commented on by their devs at all. Both forums have miles of belittlement for complainers to just “shut up and take it”. And yes, no one who gets belittled, or condescended to ever posts again in public.