For crying out loud

Stop crying about everything. That’s all you ppl do. All day long 24/7 The devs are doing a good job. Say thank you instead of crying like B$#@%s

Or start playing a new game. And then you’ll see how generous they really are.

Too the devs. The only cry I have is too gems sink us. 5k gems for a guaranteed Power orb on leaderboard.
Think about it. Its a good deal.


I’m usually the silent observer when it comes to issues (unless i feel very strongly to opinionate myself) but i would never disregard the so called “cry babies” on the forum.

I agree there are excessive moaning at times but thanks to these people many positive changes have come to this game that both you and i benefit.

Dawnbringer removal from defense in arena, class fee scrapping, transform immunity and old event weapons (to come) these are all the works that was voiced by this very community.


This thread should be locked/deleted. It’s just the OP insulting other forum members, and serves no purpose.


When I read someone complaining about those who complain.

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Strangely enough they seem to want people other than themselves to play their game, and that usually works out better when those people provide feedback what would make them play the game.

This thread does indeed serve no constructive purpose. One of the primary functions of this forum is to give players a voice. Yes, this voice is more often used to express corrective feedback than positive feedback; that’s human nature. You are free to defend the decisions the developers have made, but (just like negative feedback) this must be done in a manner that is courteous and respectful of the community as a whole.