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What if players were grateful for the Devs?

If you like all the new content, sing out now.
If you like Delves, say so now.
If you like Salty Streams, say so now.
Come on people, show some gratitude for all the hard work these Devs do to bring you new content.
Many other online games don’t get as much new content that these Devs give us on a regular basis.

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While I can see the point in trying to create various “positive” threads, there is a reason for the “ungratefulness” that you are referring to. The problem is at the end of the day, this game is a product. As a F2P game, that also means that we can expect very little to stay the same in many cases, but certain expectations are there. Servers going down on weekends is frankly ridiculous and small group or not, is something that shouldn’t be as common as it is with this game.

I do like delves but they are very time consuming and it should have used a bounty structure for difficulty selection with less rewards either in chests or battle to compensate instead of the static rewards as of now., The delve event rewards are not nearly as good probably since the delves themselves offer above average rewards. I do like this most recent update compared to pretty much all of the 3.X ones. It adds optional objectives with non gem resources to get, but there are still some oversights in terms of time consumption and other rewards like seals. Raids and invasions still suck and nothing will change that. Megavore is less dangerous than infernus or ubatest, but is far more powerful with no real way to stop his traits and a buffed spell that can take out most targets in one hit.

I like salty and while I think she has fun on the streams, I do think there are still reasonable doubts to her competitive mindset and I feel that the streams lack purpose. I would have the streams be more feedback focused and instead of showing off new troops, take feedback on what could/should be changed. Through spoilers we can see what a troop can do and almost anyone that is end game has a plan for the troop and has teams ready. What does matter is when the forums say a troop has a design flaw or sets a bad precedent, the streams go “look how cool and strong this is”. I’d rather a stream be more tacet like in trying to give general advice or thoroughly explain mechanics of game modes. We often get these explanations after the fact or we lack the information we want. This game does have strategy elements, and I want to be able to use that, not find it out as I go and then can’t undo something because oops I didn’t know.

It’s not that we are ungrateful for the dev team, at least for myself, far from it. However, there are obvious problems and flaws with the game, the “economy” and the general patterns of player retention. Getting more players coming in is good, but sacrificing older players is a bad way to do it in my book, successful or not. Gems cannot match the value they set by adding more gem shops. Selling a troop for $50 with a pittance level of keys then nerfing it is a bad decision, as well as selling weapons for real money only. If these were cosmetic, fine, but keeping most weapons behind literal paywalls is not the best way to make friends. Let’s put it this way, I’d rather pay 500 gems for a $5 weapon pack then spend that to buy it. One way is earning it and makes me feel better than forking over money as I feel my time and resources I’ve gathered should be able to get me the things I am missing and since the weapons added to soulforge have yet to be added, it seems that was another empty promise as of now.


I already did.
In the form of gratuity.
That should be sufficient.


If all the content is so great, why don’t you participate in Raid or Invasion?

I’m saving for Dawnbringer. Therefore I don’t have the Souls to lvl troops that are needed for raids/invastions.
I just need another 340,000 souls for Dawnbringer.
Plus another 30,000 souls that I will need to craft Ubastet tomorrow.
With Dawnbringer and Ubastet and bringing in about 120,000 souls a week like now, I will be ready for raids/invastions.
I do contribute to the guild with 1,000,000 gold a week, I do all GW battles, I bring in normally 100 to 200 trophies a week.

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Ok,ok. :wink:

What…? It only take around 6,000 souls for leveling up Godslayer/Siegebreaker troops, and that’s just half an hour spent in Arena/Explore. How could you not have time for that?

About 6,000 PER TROOP.
6,000 x 3 = 18,000 which pushes DB back by 2 days.
And this is not a job.
Right now, Raids/Invastions are Optional in my guild right now anyway.

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I dont like the new content, too much new content in place of fixing existing bugs.
I dont like Delves, too long and Delves event badly elaborated.
I dont give a flying xxxx about Salty streams.


Everything’s going to always tilt negative because it’s kind of the way human nature works. If the forums were overly positive, the game would be “done”.

4.0 is one of the better updates we’ve had. Delve is my favorite game modes, and if we had to lose another game mode to get it I’d happily shed most modes. I think a lot of the little QoL fixes were nice, and I think most patches would be more well-received if they came with more QoL fixes.

But there’s a laundry list of issues that affect almost every game mode. So long as that list includes things that don’t make sense or block rewards, we’re going to want to talk about those more. I think most people would rather see “zombie troop” fixed more than “another new mode with shop tiers that cost 800 gems”.


people dont actually like salty streams do they? xD

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I like them when she showing new stuff

I knew as soon as I opened this thread it would be instantly derailed.


But was it ever on track to begin with? Perhaps we need more training.


Someone needs to get you writing content for this game.

Love the content. (Guild wars can be annoying though…)

I enjoy delves, though I think they nerfed ingot drops pretty hard unless the last two days of delves were just very, very unlucky.

I thoroughly enjoy Salty’s, Cyrup’s, and Ozzy’s Streams!

I am very happy with the time and effort the devs put into content for Gems of war… though, if you are happy, there’s always some unhappy person that thinks all your happiness is just a disguise for but kissing the devs…

So I am a bit apprehensive now in saying I love Gems of War, because it seems to be frowned upon if you happen to love and enjoy it.


I was at one point… about a year ago…I’m still here… still a good game. Just always needs adjusted… that’s all.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: they take our feedback and improve with it.

Good luck devs and thank you for the wonderful game. One day… perfection doesn’t happen overnight.

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It’s more about people not balancing the extremes very well.

If you love the game and show it, some people might “rain on your parade” because they are clearly unhappy about some issues.

If you complain about issues, that should have been carefully considered and addressed after happening more than once, then there are also people who will show up and twist the discussion in an attempt to censor you.

GoW really have positive and negative aspects, sometimes the same thing presents both aspects like:

  • It’s a game with some very fast dynamics and weekly events, on one hand it keeps the game fresh in a sense that there is always some new troop released every week, but on the other hand it also presents a challenge for the developers to keep everything under control and free of bugs.

Every player EXPECTS a game to work without flaws, this applies to any game, but GoW players in varying degrees UNDERSTANDS that bugs happens and generally speaking our community shows a lot of goodwill enduring these. But the time it takes to fix some bugs is hardly outpacing the time new bugs comes out, so even goodwill runs out eventually…

And the recent server issues we are having every weekend are hardly helping at all… To quote a very witty comment from a fine gentleman:

Errr… very relevant, but i meant this other quote:

Anyway Zeddicus, you should feel free to express yourself in the forums to your heart’s content as long as you follow the rules. :slightly_smiling_face:


Devs can’t take gratitude to the bank. :money_mouth_face:

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This forum used to be overly positive, before 2017.
If it is not anymore it is not because of human nature or because the people have changed. There are still quite a few of us were already there. It is because there are more and more problems in the game.
We all know that they are a small team and that they are probably sometimes overwhelmed with the growth of the game and that some patience is required. But when bugs never get fixed are keep on piling up, patience is not infinite.